• ProKitchen Runs on both Apple and PC devices

    ProKitchen is the only professional K&B design software available on the market that runs on both Windows and native Apple MAC. It is a unique solution and powerful tool for designers who utilize multiple platforms.

  • ProKitchen supports 300+ manufacturer and appliance catalogs

    All catalogs get updated a few times a year and are provided to all our customers via the ProKitchen automatic catalog update. Whenever a new catalog update is available our customers receive it within minutes.

  • iProK3D on iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows 8

    Impress your customers by sending your ProKitchen design to their iPhones, iPads, Androids or Windows 8 tablet. Your customers immediately from the comfort of their homes can view fully rotational 3D designs with textures and finishes. Your customers will appreciate your efficiency and mobility.

  • ProKitchenNet - Server Edition

    ProKitchen Server Edition is a unique server solution.   With ProKitchenNet you pay only for the licenses you use. Plus, multiple designers can share the design and work together. And since all customer information and designs are saved on the server, everything is in one place. What could be easier?

  • ProKitchen Web Planner

    ProKitchen Web Planner is the only Java based K&B software that can be run on all browsers with the complete set of manufacturer catalogs. It means you will have access to thousands of 3D shapes and hundreds of door styles and finishes. Your customers will love the convenience!


ProKitchen is the only K&B professional design software that works on both PC and MAC. Plus it has only one hardware key for all your PC and MAC laptops and desktops. The core value of ProKitchen is the quality of visualization and the level of details that can be viewed by customers. ProKitchen achieves seemingly unattainable goal of creating 3D scenes in real time with photo-realistic images. A customer can virtually touch, hold and feel cabinetry and appliances with his/her hands while "walking around" and redecorating their kitchen or bathroom.

Using our simple sketcher tool you can create a virtual room of any size or shape. Then you simply install any combination of fixtures, appliances, countertops, cabinetry, wallcovering, and flooring into your customized interior. Room objects, such as fixtures and appliances, are easily positioned by using the drag and drop feature and ProKitchen navigation functionality.

The Styles and finishes can be previewed and selected from our vast library of Kitchen and Bath Manufacturer Catalogs. ProKitchen supports more than hundred manufacturers and about two hundred manufacturer catalogs. Bath Fixture catalog contains more than 1000 fixtures, With ProKitchen’s Appliance Catalog you can choose from hundreds of appliances. Each appliance is presented with four colors.

All kitchen and bathroom products are displayed in 3D, with unbelievable precision. Colors, patterns, and finishes all appear "true to life". The most subtle highlights and surface textures are clearly replicated. ProKitchen renders all kinds of distressing effects.


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