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Congratulations to the 1st Place Winner of our 3D-GO Design Contest


What they say about 3D-GO

Lynea Parker


ProKitchen is AMAZING! Within the first few days of learning, I completed a full kitchen design with minimal set back. I was able to easily text my customer the 3D kitchen and IT SOLD MY JOB! They thought it was so cool!

Jacksonville, FL

Julie A. Priddy


I wanted to give a shoutout to ProKitchen. I am amazed by their revolutionary imaging technology (3D-GO) which allows you to send a 3-dimensional rendering of the client’s design project to their phone. It also sends the image in several different higher or lower resolution links for the convenience of the client and designer.

It saves so much time getting the design image into the client’s hands. It helps to close the sale of the job and generate excitement about the project. 

I have a particularly visual client and this technology has given both of us a tool to communicate with much more effectively. It is easy to tweak the design and resend to the client. I get quick feedback from the client based on this image. It is almost like the designer can collaborate more effectively with their client in real-time.

I love this feature and the many other graphics available with ProKitchen. I highly recommend this software.

I am impressed by my ProKitchen Rep, Abigail who helps me whenever, as well as the program trainer, Elishua Pickett & Valerie, for our training sessions, and everyone else I have met who is associated with ProKitchen!

Germantown, MD

IMG_0198 2

Ivan Cody


I’ve used ProKitchen Software for approximately 10 years, the 3D-GO, Panoramas, and Oculus are great aids in selling cabinets and remodels, I can’t imagine selling without them.

Denver, CO

self image

Ilana Springer


ProKitchen is a beneficial tool to use throughout the entire design process. It allows me to display to clients a good representation of what their space will look like. This helps them visualize the finished product before it even begins. I love the creativity this program allows me to have as a designer.

New Orleans, LA

Brian Hatfield


One of our clients said that when his wife saw the 3D-GO action, she started to cry…not bad considering all the other things we could cry about!

Carrabassett Valley, ME

Tony Sirkin


I love the new 3D-GO! We use it as a follow up technique for customers that come into our shop. We send (text) the 3D-GO to our customers 4 days after we meet with them as part of our follow up to help close the sale.

Chicago, IL

Rhonda Foreman


ProKitchens’ 3D-GO feature is exactly what my company was looking for with our design software selection. We are able to bring a clients design to real life right before their eyes. The clients get to experience a true representation of what their project will look like when completed! The amount of positive feedback we receive from our clients based on the 3D is priceless. Clients are so excited when they get to see it and best of all they tell all their family and friends about it.

Royal Oak, MI

Jay Kim


My customers and I love the new 3D-GO. I’ll send clients the 3D-GO via text and then follow up with a call to discuss the Kitchen or bathroom design. The customers love how they can rotate the 3D view right on their phone and take pictures of any angle of the design. It’s a great help in closing the sale!

Chantilly, VA

What they say about pk

Joe Mauro


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with ProKitchen and the service through your tech-support. They couldn’t be any better! I find it way more user-friendly than [omitted]. I don’t need anything difficult and I’m learning at a quick rate – all is well and you have a happy customer here!

Fort Myers, FL

Mary Jo Cooper


I have been doing kitchen and bathroom design for the past 20 years. When I started learning CAD, most programs were based on [omitted]. I signed up thinking it was my only option. After a few years of crashes, complications and horrible customer service, I decided to look for a new CAD program that offered a more positive experience, especially during interactions with their customer support. I was hesitant to change, due to others in the field telling me that [omitted] was top of the market for kitchen and bathroom programs. I did anyhow and did not have the issues that I had with [omitted]. I loved the program and customer support is there for you every step of the way. They listen to you as a designer out in the field and will make changes to your program when possible. I cannot say enough about ProKitchen’s customer service. I have been pleased since the beginning and would never go back to [omitted].

Atlanta, GA

Cliff Tippens


I would just like to take a moment to thank you and ProKitchen for helping out with our marketing and design of our company.  I have used many different software and design companies since 2003 and have been most impressed by ProKitchen.  The software always seems to be current on technology.  My new and past clients have raved about how truly virtual the perspectives are. This feature alone keeps GC Cabinet and Stone in the race for projects in process and validates our sales as detailed and specific.  

Although technology is a must in our industry the business has suffered over the years in customer relation and service. This challenge has set our company apart from others because here at GC Cabinet and Stone the client is always “right”. This is the aspect of ProKitchen that sets you above the rest.  Our service is the best part of our company. After being with ProKitchen for some time I see that your service is similar. ProKitchen’s service is impeccable, and this is why we will stay with you because these days good service is so hard to find. My confidence in Pro Kitchen to continue to grow and educate our company is solid. I would recommend ProKitchen as my top choice for kitchen and design software.

Riviera Beach, FL

Georgia Roberts


We LOVE ProKitchen here in our showroom! Recently we had some update issues, but your support staff ( Zach ) was awesome to work with and was extremely helpful. We also had the privilege to work with Cinde. She is an amazing person. So happy to have such a great program to work with and a great staff to back it up!! Will never change program software!!

Medford, WI


Lindsay Stetson Saloga


I got ProKitchen 7 yrs ago and it’s still my go to design program for my kitchen n bath projects. Even though I also have [omitted], I prefer ProKitchen. Their support and service is top notch and the tutorials are great. I did attend the training (after having used it for a yr) and learned even more. Seriously, an honest review from an happy customer. Worth the money.

Westminster, MD

DeDe DeWine Aspery


Justina, Thank you so much! Appreciate your time in the Online Trainings. I really caught on and now can dive into several kitchens we’ve already quoted that we can now show them the actual design. Really excited for that Dynamic view. My clients will love this.

Orlando, FL

Melissa Sauter - ProKitchen Design Contest Winner 2019

Melissa Sauter


Thank you so much! Great software to help clients envision their space during the process! It is great to be able to provide visuals to help clients feel confident about their space and decisions!

Royal Oak, MI

Randy Hall


I think it’s the best software. They all do the same thing, ProKitchen is faster and easier to make better renderings for those clients that can’t visualize.

Evington, VA


All Brevard Custom Cabinets


I’ve had ProKitchen for 5 years and wouldn’t switch. The service is second to none. Worth every penny. 

Palm Bay, FL


Gail B. Kleimola


I just can’t say enough how much I have come to enjoy working with ProKitchen software, the staff, everyone. It is such a breath of fresh air to have a great program when “drawing”. I started in the business really “drafting” each and every job. I now really enjoy working with my design software. Please know that you are appreciated. If you have a client who is on the “fence” about switching software programs give them my name/number and have them call me!!! I will gladly share my experiences of switching. I can’t express my happiness enough in using the program and working with all of the nice folks at ProKitchen.

Jackson, MI

Don Nguyen

Ecotek Displays


I should have taken your offer at first hand and I wouldn’t have lost $2,500 to [omitted]. The ProKitchen trial version took me no time to figure out the menu, and instantly I did my first design for a 12’x27′ optical store in 2 hours sharply: My customer loved it, and as a result, I got the order. The reason I was told not to buy your software was because it won’t generate the G code for CNC. However, compared to the [omitted] software I ended up buying, ProKitchen is far ahead in terms of daily usage in entry level and advanced level. The concept of using the software is straightforward, common sense and powerful. Well, the lesson was well learned for me. I am happy that I can ignore the G code generator, and focus on the other benefits of the software now. I enjoy it.

Mississauga, Ontario

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