I should have taken your offer at first hand and I wouldn’t have lost $2,500 to [omitted].

The ProKitchen trial version took me no time to figure out the menu, and instantly I did my first design for a 12’x27′ optical store in 2 hours sharply: My customer loved it, and as a result, I got the order.

The reason I was told not to buy your software was because it won’t generate the G code for CNC. However, compared to the [omitted] software I ended up buying, ProKitchen is far ahead in terms of daily usage in entry level and advanced level. The concept of using the software is straightforward, common sense and powerful.

Well, the lesson was well learned for me. I am happy that I can ignore the G code generator, and focus on the other benefits of the software now. I enjoy it.

Don Nguyen

Ecotek Displays,

Mississauga, Ontario

We have been a ProKitchen software user for over 8 years, we are continually pleased with the updates and innovations that we see regularly with ProK! Have been especially pleased with the panorama feature that allows our Customers to go online and download “their new kitchen” onto their phone and then literally walk around their space to feel what the new room will be like. Thank you again Dave Cross and everyone at ProKitchen for helping us provide our Customers with “THE BEST” visual tools available.

Lynne Breister

North Iowa Kitchens,

Garner, IA

High five. Mario is VERY easy for a non-geek to work with and receive instruction from. And he solves problems like doctor. He diagnoses, tells you clearly what the problem is, and cures it. I’m sure that is his job, but he makes one feel like Mario enjoys his job, and makes one feel very important, comfortable and relieved. Much thanks.

Bob Tower

Those Kitchen Guys,

Port St. Lucie, FL

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we appreciate and use the ProKitchen software. So much so, we bought another license and hired another kitchen designer. Our kitchen cabinet sales have sky rocketed! Literally, our cabinet business has increased at least 150%. Thank you for the ongoing training that you guys offer. I love seeing the new changes that are being made to the software. What you do can only increase our knowledge, creativity and most importantly… our sales!

Chris Malone

Remodelers Outlet,

Fall River, MA

I have just finished a $1.5 million job (cabinet cost) in Charlotte, NC. This home, at 28,000 square feet is due to be in all of the leading magazines soon. I set them up with the ProKitchen Showroom standard edition and they think your program and its concept is the bomb! If your program impresses these people then you know you have a hit. I thought you might enjoy a word of encouragement.

Larry J. Blevins

Consolidated Case Works,

Valley City, OH

I just can’t say enough how much I have come to enjoy working with ProKitchen software, the staff, everyone. It is such a breath of fresh air to have a great program when “drawing”. I started in the business really “drafting” each and every job. I have progressed with the software from the very beginning. I now really enjoy working with my design software. The class Tuesday was terrific as was the basic class that Cinde taught the other week. Please know that you are appreciated and if you have a client who is on the “fence” about switching give them my name and have them call me!!! I will gladly share my experiences of switching. I can’t express my happiness enough in using the program and working with all of the nice folks at ProKitchen.

Gail Patton

Gail Patton Designs,

Jackson, MI