ProKitchen v.11.0.5 is here... and it was totally worth the wait!

Channels & 21 New Distressing Techniques

Explore all the ways our new Channels tool will help you create a dream kitchen for your client. This elegant design feature can be achieved easily and quickly with this new update. We have also added 21 different ways to show distressing in your cabinetry for any design. From subtle to more obvious, these distressing techniques will help give your clients the most realistic and detailed 3D views. Get started today!


The New 3D Live and 3D Sync Features

Now you can design in 3D mode all the time with 3D Live and 3D Sync. Both are made to make design time go faster and give a more clear vision of the choices you are making – as you work. No need to jump to the 3D view any more – use the 3D Live window or use 3D Sync that works with a second monitor to have your 3D view available in full screen mode. More great tools to help you work smarter and design faster.

3D Texture Randomizer and Hi-Res Finishes

Wood grain and textures are essential to making your designs “pop” but repetitive patterns take away from the impact. To avoid this common issue, you can use the 3D Texture Randomizer on specific cabinets or all of them to help create the most impressive and stunning presentations for your customers. We have also upgraded our High Resolution Finishes to give you more options to choose from. Our goal has always been to help you impress more clients and grow your business. 

Customized Hoods PLUS Vertical Lift and Bifold Hinges and a New Stairs Collection

We have also added catalog options for your designs like our Stairs Collection, customized hoods and vertical lift and bi-fold door hinges. This new collection of hinges will allow the clients to open doors vertically, or open bi-fold doors left to right or up and down. We have made adding stairs quick and easy and as always, your clients can share all the fun with friends and family with 3D-GO – only available with ProKitchen.

3D-GO Settings and Rotate Textures

3D-GO is an amazing feature that gives you the power to send your 3D views to the clients through text or email – only available from ProKitchen. We have given you more options for the resolution settings as well as the amount of time the customers have access to the file. Plus our rotate textures feature guarantees your amazing design will have a stunning presentation with the option to rotate the texture of any surface in the design.

LIVE Chat with Support

We want to make your design process as easy as possible and with this in mind, we have added the Chat with Support link directly in the software. The first in the world and another amazing feature only available with ProKitchen Software. Get started today – click here to start a FREE TRIAL

Jeffrey Alexander from Hardware Resources

NOW AVAILABLE – the Jeffrey Alexander knobs and pulls collection from Hardware Resources. Hundreds of great options to choose from – you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need. Choose from either traditional or modern, low-key or make a statement with hardware. The Jeffrey Alexander collection is the best collection of knobs and pulls assembled in the market and is sure to please every customer – check it out today.

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