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Highlighted Features

Stay up to date with the latest features released in ProKitchen Software

quick start & Intros

ProKitchen tutorials to help you start designing - watch them all for an in-depth introduction.

basic training

Straight to the point; Everything you need to know get started designing in ProKitchen Software.

Drafting your design

architectural & room elements


Everything you need to know about working with dimensions in ProKitchen.

Doors & Walls

Learn how to create the doors and walls perfect for your design. From basic tutorials to advanced features.


All things windows; Placements, attributes, editing, 3D effects, add valences and more!


Explore the methods for placing cabinets and modifying them. Also find advanced cabinet features such as designing multiple cabinet colors, using automatic fillers, and using the 3D pulls and knobs collection.


Learn the basics of placing and modifying countertops. Explore advanced features such as using countertop designer, and making each countertop a different color.


Explore the various methods for designing with catalogs. Learn basic to advanced functions with the following videos.


Apply moldings to rooms. Learn about the molding tool, placing and modifying moldings, and stacking them.

3D & Panorama Views

Creating the design that closes the deal. Explore the various views and rendering tools in ProKitchen that help your customers visualize the final design.

import & export

ProKitchen allows you to import and export various file formats. Learn how with the following videos.


Printing your design. Setting page sizes, create a print template, and using the print preview tool.

3d Model Warehouse

Search and find 3D models from Sketch Up and insert them into your designs.

complete training

Get an in-depth look at using and designing in ProKitchen Software.

oculus & Stylus

Explore these lovable add-ons for ProKitchen. Let your customers see and interact with your design in 360° with ProKitchen-Oculus. ProKitchen Stylus allows you to design using your stylus and tablet.

Electronic Ordering

Explore the electronic ordering system that allows you to order through some manufacturers with one click.

Classic Interface

Get familiar with our interface; Learn how to use the functions found in the left and top toolbars.

user interface: Pop-Up menus

Get familiar with our interface; Learn how to use the functions found in the menus that pop up upon user interaction.

Previous features

The following videos are features released in previous updates of ProKitchen.

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Standard Interface

Get familiar with our interface; Learn how to use the functions found in the top drop down menus.


ProKitchen Showroom is a valuable sales tool. It allows your customers to take your design home with them and view it on their computer and make changes such as door style and color.

Closet designer

Design a closet easier and faster with ProKitchen's closet designer module.