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More Design Flexibility
ProKitchen Portal • Helping You Work Smarter
ProKitchen Portal is our newest feature that will help you design, impress and grow. Another tool from ProKitchen to help you work smarter and have more design flexibility by giving you the opportunity to easily manage users & licenses, manage designs saved on The Cloud, get design software usage reports, customize software for designers and so much more!
More Design Flexibility
The Power to Text 3D Views
3D-GO • Easy to use Innovative Technology
Text inspiring designs right from ProKitchen - complete with dynamic lighting, shadows and stunning photorealistic effects directly to your clients’ phones. They get an interactive 3D view that they will be thrilled to share over and over again with friends and family. Enhance the customer experience - give them 3D innovation right at their fingertips with ProKitchen and 3D-GO!
The Power to Text 3D Views
Super-Smart Software
Convenience is key, and we get that.
Our Cloud technology provides designers with unique features that drastically reduce design time and produce effortless collaboration. We bring mobility and flexibility to an industry that refuses to sit still. Kitchen and bath professionals shouldn’t have to wait for program downloads, installations, or tedious catalog updates. They shouldn’t be tethered to one computer or one office location. Revolutionize the way you do business by transforming any computer into your personal design studio with ProKitchen Online.
Super-Smart Software
Experience 500+ Catalogs
Who’s your manufacturer? Don’t worry, we've got you.
Our remarkable collection of authentically represented manufacturer catalogs with precise pricing gives you with the freedom to create actual design projects with actual products from your preferred manufacturer.
Experience 500+ Catalogs
Engineered to Showcase
Make work easier with a flexible template designer
Enhance your showcase abilities and display your HD renderings in our groundbreaking Dynamic Design Showcase. Display floor plans, perimeters, elevations, cabinet specifications, and room sections dynamically with just the click of a button. What’s more? Any changes made to your design after creating a template will dynamically change in the template - so you don’t have to re-do the entire showcase when your customer changes details.
Engineered to Showcase
Bishop Kitchen rendered in ProKitchen Software
Unheard-of Features
Skylights, Cathedral Walls, Radius Walls & More!
Our powerful java-ran software brings designers the freedom to create any kitchen they desire with unique drafting features like skylights, flexible cathedral ceilings, radius walls and rotating floor images. Envision your next design and conquer it with the easiest, most flexible & efficient software in the industry.
Unheard-of Features

Stunning HD Rendering

ProKitchen renderings are generated by ray tracing – a 3D rendering technique for graphics with very complex light interactions. This means you can create interiors full of mirrors, transparent surfaces, and shadows – with stunning results. Ray tracing algorithms simulate light realistically as it bounces between different objects, calculating the exact color of each pixel based on its material properties and the amount of light it is receiving. Learn more about ray tracing


Always a Cut Above

ProKitchen is constantly updating and upgrading. We plan to keep introducing new ways of improving kitchen and bath designer’s workflow, and help make the process of designing interiors faster, more flexible and much more fun.

Key Features

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