ProKitchen Software v.11


In this HUGE ProKitchen Software upgrade, we offer even more powerful tools and features that were developed to help you design faster, impress more clients and grow your business!


  1. 3D-Live
  2. 3D Texture Randomizer 
  3. High Resolution Finishes in ProKitchen Catalog 
  4. Chat in ProKitchen 
  5. Jeffrey Alexander New Knobs and Pulls Collection in Global Options
  6. New Stairs Catalog
  7. Automatic Grills and Cooktop Cutouts and positioning with the catalogs: GE Appliances, Gaggenau, Sub-Zero Wolf Thermador, Appliance Catalog, Bosch, Viking, Jenn-Air 
  8. Assembled Hoods 
  9. New Catalog and Program Updates Dialog 
  10. 3D-GO Default Settings 
  11. Opening Cabinet Vertical Doors 
  12. Rotate textures on Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Ctop, Backsplash, Door Panels 
  13. Floor and Ceiling shape following the walls in 3D 


  1. Save door images into design
  2. Added architecture style icons for doors/windows. 
  3. Made Architecture Font a default. 
  4. Changed default sizes for U and L kitchens. 
  5. Changed default lighting settings. Increased Room Light and decreased Dispersed Light. 
  6. Automatic Farm Sink positioning with automatic cutout. Cutout sizes are exported to the manufacturer reports. (21st Century Cabinetry test 2021 catalog)
  7. New Modification allowing to change a height of the upper section of the tall cabinet, leaving all other sections heights unchanged. (Merillat and ProKitchen Catalogs) 
  8. Catalog Updates not requiring ProKitchen restart 
  9. Changing Drawer Height in Sollid and ProKitchen catalog 
  10. Removed Standard-Classic Appearance Switch Dialog.
  11. Save to Google Drive and MS OneDrive
  12. Shared Designs – allow shared read-only designs to be saved with a different name. 
  13. Added New Modern Type Hoods
  14. Ctrl + click on the zone opens Elevation
  15. Mac Native Interface 
  16. Replaced 2d Doors with 3D in the ProKitchen Catalog
  17. Replaced Sketchup-Trimble 3D Model browser with the new one 
  18. Quick Books-Online Integration – Updated Browser 
  19. Editing knob position for the cabinets with doors on both, front and back sides
  20. Allowed to edit the knob/pull position on various cabinet layouts. 
  21. Added total quantity to the Bill of Materials 
  22. Improved the glossiness level for fillers FE-L/FE-R 
  23. Improved ProKitchen email forwarding 
  24. Improved launch performance.
  25. Improved Glossiness on the finished cabinet sides. 
  26. White boards and Cork boards Frame Size Change (Décor/Talora and Copy Catalogs) 
  27. Box Only Canyon Creek 

PTicket Fixes:

  1. 32127 – Snap to Filler on the side. Improved dimension lines of the assembled cabinets 
  2. 32915 – GE Aappliances – Remove Customer Report from the Dialog.
  3. 35988 – QuickBooks 2021 Integration 
  4. 33066, 33061, 32319 – Merillat Classic 10.4.2 – Lazy Susan stays in 3D
  5. 33171 – Scaled textures in Design Settings. 
  6. Edited knobs on corner cabinets 
  7. 33269 – Bertch false drawer fixed
  8. 33271 – Bertch Kitchen Plus –  drawer fixed
  9. 33357 – Automatic Grills and Cooktop Cutouts: Gaggenau, Sub-Zero Wolf Thermador, Appliance Catalog, GE Appliances, Bosch, Viking, Jenn-Air
  10. 28678 – Merillat – New modification changes the height of one section, without changing the size of other sections.
  11. 29004 – Added assembly (solutions) in ProCatalog.
  12. 34092 – Cabinet SKUs are underlined when accessories are added. 
  13. 33272 – Bertch Kitchen Plus – TD Tray Dividers modification replaced shelving
  14. 32319 – Wolf Classic Full Line – LS36 stays in 3D after closing and reopening the design file
  15. 33862 – Koch Cabinets – W3057-2DWR-2B drawers fixed in 3d
  16. 33873 – Showplace – click “yes” design does not disappear
  17. 34026 – Kit files do import: Says import complete
  18. 33171 – Scale of textures fixed – Design Setting, Old 3D
  19. 34810 – MAC – Support button now works correctly
  20. 33788 – Adelphi Kitchens. Can change interior for wine rail when use modification BOTTLE_RACK
  21. 34130 – Estate Custom Collection – Modification ADD_PRODUCT_V:G6622:B;ADD_PRODUCT_V:G13826:T can change finish
  22. 33253 – Partitions Modifications
  23. 34226 – Wellborn Premier. Change interior for cabinet when use modifications: RANGE_FRONT:4;FARM_RANGE;FARM_RANGE_FRONT:15
  24. 33118 – Fixed position of the hinges in the Inset overlay
  25. 35112 – Textures are applied correctly – Furniture Catalog.
  26. 35053 – 3D-GO Fixed
  27. 34682 – Added Display Floor Plan check box into import DWG/DXF menu in the ribbon interface.

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