Spec Book Publisher

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Time is a currency that you can never get back. Our Spec Book Publisher offers you time saving tools to continuously update your spec book with the click of a button. It gives you the capability to create your spec book and export it into a PDF or InDesign print format right from your ProKitchen catalog. It’s time to drop the spreadsheets and make your life easier with ProKitchen Spec Book Publisher.

Create a Spec Book instantly with full control of your product line

The time has come for manufacturers. ProKitchen has already changed the industry standard for designers and builders. Simplify your catalog design and management process.




Maintain product style and modifications easily and efficiently with our built in tools.

Integrate multiple types of product images into your product line. Export your spec book in any file format.

Deliver up-to-date spec books for your customers with the click of a button.

Add your logo and images for updating covers and assets within your spec book.

Key Features


✓ Doors

✓ Finishes

✓ Products

✓ All Prices

✓ Modifications


✓ 3D Images

✓ Color Images

✓ 3D Images with open doors

✓ Black and White Images 


✓ To Adobe PDF

✓ To ProKitchen Catalog

✓ To InDesign for printing

✓ To other software


✓ Import custom pages


✓ Product-mod dependencies 


✓ Edit all product descriptions

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