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Quick Start & Intro Tutorials

Learn ProKitchen fast with these starter tutorials. Everything you need to know to design a kitchen in 10 minutes.

Everything you need to know about those little icons on the top and left side of your screen when working in ProKitchen.

Can’t find a certain function? Check the menus. – It’s all right here; top menus & pop-up menus.

Create, add and edit. Everything you need to know about designing with the right dimensions.

Working with the 3D Model Warehouse.

Learn how to work our Closet Designer, EZ-Link Pricing System Integrations, and Showroom.

Everything you need to know about importing and exporting files and designs. 

Browse through our favorite features to refine your skills in ProKitchen. 

Get complete training with our webinars or browse through videos such as: 3D knobs, Moldings with Valances & User Shapes.

Featured Videos + Oculus & Stylus

ProKitchen Oculus tutorial, demo and experience; Insights into ProKitchen 9.0, 9.1.4 and 9.5

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