ProKitchen Stylus

ProKitchen Stylus

ProKitchen Stylus is a new way to design, keyboard and mouse free. For the first time ever, you’ll be able use your Microsoft Surface Pro for a seamless design experience. 

You asked and we delivered. ProKitchen Stylus merges the innovative technology of design technology with the tools you’re most familiar with–your own hands. The result is a design experience that’s both comfortable and intuitive. It’s the same software you know and love, optimized for your tablet device.


ProKitchen Online Manufacturer Edition

ProKitchen Online is now available directly on manufacturers' websites!

ProKitchen Online

ProKitchen Online is bigger than the Cloud.


ProKitchen-Oculus is a virtual reality software solution that gives you...
ProKitchen on Tablet Windows 8

ProKitchen on Tablet Windows 8

We are proud to be the first interior design software...