Wolf Designer Semi-Custom

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.0 • September 8, 2023

Rustic Hickory Coffee

Rustic Hickory Buckskin

Rustic Alder Morel

Rustic Alder Colt

Rustic Alder Buckskin

Oak Seal

Oak Palomino

Oak Morel

Oak Black Forest

Maple Tundra

Maple Cattail

Maple Black Forest

Cherry Natural

Cherry Chocolate


Added new project for ProKitchen 11:

Added new project: Advanced graphics technology - Size 512x512 pixels for textures finishes

Added new projects Stay Lift Cabinet Hinges to WTH_

Added new projects Vertical Lift Cabinet Hinges WVL_, WAGVLD_

Corrected shelf to products MW_

Corrected graphic to products WNR_

Added new projects drawers boxes heights to products 2DB36RTPDO, 2DB_, 2DB36PDO, 2DB_RT, 2DB_DR, 3DB_, 3DBB_, 3DBDD_, 3DBBDD_, 4DB_, BBMWD_, BMWD_, BMWD_DD, BMWD_32.5DD, DFD_, B_, B_WTCD_, B_WTCD, B_RT_, B_CSRT, B_RT, B_RTWTCD, B_RTWTCD, B_PSL, BPPP_, B_CWP_, B_FSCOL, B_TDROR, TD_, SB48DCS, SB_D, 3DB_WTCD, BWB_, BBTP24, OCS_DD, OCD_DD, OMC_, VDB_ , 4VDB_3421, VSDS_FH, VSD_D_, VSD_D_, VSDS_FP, VSDS_FP, 6VSD_, 8VSD_, VSWD_FPDR, VWH_.521, W2D_, W2D_

Added new projects add to drawer boxes 2DB36RTPDO, VSSB_ST, WSD_, WSD_-Shaker, SB3632.5ST

Added new projects "Glossiness" - modification FRONT_FINISH

Added new models WSR_

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