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CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.2 • April 15, 2024

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Added new Door Styles: Henri FO Maple, Henri FO Painted Hardwood

Added new Paint Finish: Retreat

Added new items: 2XF330, 2XF336, 2XF342, TEP12120WD, TEP24120F1.5FPE, TEP24120F1.5WD, TEP24120F3FPE, TEP24120F3WD, TEP24120WD, TEPS120WD, TF3120FH, TF6120FH, UASBRF30, UASBRF36, UASBRF3032.5, UASBRF3632.5, W31.512, W31.51224, W31.515, W31.51524, W31.518, W31.51824, W31.521, W31.52124, W31.524, W31.52424, WHAS36, WHAS36, WHAS42, WHCFS30, WHCFS36, WHSGM3030, WHSGM3036, WHSGM3630, WHSGM3636, WHWF36, WHWF42

Changed stiles and rails dimensions for Berkley FO and Berkley PO from 2 3/4" to 2 1/2"

Changed SKU`s for Wall Wine Cubby from W630, W636, W642 to WCH30, WCH36, WCH42

Changed SKU`s for Wall Organizers from WO24, WO30, WO36 to WORG30, WORG33, WORG36

Changed SKU for Base Wine Cubby from BWC6 to BWC634.5

Discontinued Decorative Hardware: KNOBM148, KNOBRH20, PULLRH21, KNOBM1820, PULLM1823, PULLH911, PULLH144, KNOBH100, PULLM1674, PULLT1018

Discontinued modifications Recessed Toekick (RECTKBK, RECTKL, RECTKR) on DAB36FSL/R, DAB36SLSL/R, BER33L/R, BER36L/R, BER3336L/R, BER3633L/R, SLS33L/R, SLS36L/R, SLS3336L/R, SLS3633L/R

New Projects for ProKitchen 11.0.5:

Added Automatic Molding Placement on Hoods

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