White Label Cabinets

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.11 • April 2, 2024

Recently Added


Added new Finish - Fawn (Brooklyn)

Added new Price Category - Brooklyn Fawn

Added new Products - WER2430, WER2436, WER2442, YN-FSM1012, YN-FSM1024, YN-FSM1030 , YN-FSM1036 , YN-FSM1042 , YN-FSWALNUT12 , YN-FSWALNUT24 , YN-FSWALNUT30 , YN-FSWALNUT36 , YN-FSWALNUT42 , YN-FSWTOAK12 , YN-FSWTOAK24 , YN-FSWTOAK30 , YN-FSWTOAK36 , YN-FSWTOAK42, FSBRKT,B45, V39, VSB39, W303015, W363015, W4530, W4536, W4542

Updated prices on Products

Removed W2439-2, DVSB54-DU, DVSB54, VU-DVSB54-DBU SET, DVSB60-DU, DVSB60, VU-DVSB60-DBU SET, BPSG9648, BPSG4896 from the catalog

Added -SC to the end of YN-SRI9-SC

Deleted BW2430, DWP2415 (Brooklyn Gray, Brooklyn White), BW2436 (Brooklyn Midnight, Brooklyn Slate, Brooklyn White, Napa White, Shaker Espresso, Shaker Sand, Shaker White), BW2442, DWP2415 (Brooklyn Midnight), VFURN43, B39 (Napa White), BW3030 (Napa White), BW3036 (Napa White), BW3042 (Napa White), BW3630 (Napa White), BW3636 (Napa White), BW3642 (Napa White), CC30 (Napa White), CORSM (Napa White), CSF42 (Napa White), CW2736 (Napa White), CW2742 (Napa White), CWS2415 (Napa White), DDB18 (Napa White), DWP2415 (Napa White, Shaker Sand, Shaker White), DWR1548 (Napa White), DWR1554 (Napa White), DWR1560 (Napa White), KD24 (Napa White), KD36 (Napa White), OLF330 (Napa White), OLF336 (Napa White), OLF342 (Napa White), OLF630 (Napa White), OP3353 (Napa White), SB42 (Napa White), SB48 (Napa White), SWR3012 (Napa White), TBUNFOOT2 (Napa White), TPOSTP3 (Napa White), TPOSTP5 (Napa White), VFURN37 (Napa White), VSB42 (Napa White), VSB48 (Napa White), VSBOS36 (Napa White), W3324 (Napa White), W332424 (Napa White), W3930 (Napa White), W3936 (Napa White), W3942 (Napa White), W4230 (Napa White), W4236 (Napa White), W4242 (Napa White), W942 (Napa White), WR3018 (Napa White), WS1215 (Napa White), WS1515 (Napa White), WS1815 (Napa White), WS2115 (Napa White), WS2415-2 (Napa White), WS3015-2 (Napa White), WS3315-2 (Napa White), WS3615-2 (Napa White), TUKIT (Shaker Espresso), CWS2715 (Shaker Sand, Shaker White)

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