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CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.10 • November 7, 2023

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Added new products according to the data provided by the manufacturer - BX____, BXB____, BXHWBRT____, BXHWRT____, CHWBRT____, CHWRT____, E3HW____, EBSRT____, ECLRT____, EHWRT____, ESLRT____, PHW____, PML60-1200, PML60-600, PML54-1200, PML54-600, PML48-1200, PML48-600, PML42-1200, PML42-600, PML36-1200, PML36-600, PML30-600, VS24TR, VS24TL, VS2418TR, VS2418TL, VS24R, VS24L, VS2418R, VS2418L, VB24TR, VB24TL, VB2418TR, VB2418TL, VB24R, VB24L, VB2418R, VB2418L, RSWH48FW, RSWH42FW, RSWH36FW, RSWH30FW, U____USKW

Updated prices on Products according to the data provided by the manufacturer

Deleted products - RWPS27- RWPS36, USK12- USK36, PAINT, RWPS27FH - RWPS36FH, BWPSS12 BWPSS36, BWPS12 BWPS36, WDC27 WDC33, SSK12 SSK36, 1SSK12 - 1SSK36, VSSK1218 VSSK3618, VSSK12 VSSK36, 1VSSK1218 - 1VSSK3618, 1VSSK12 - 1VSSK36, VUSK1818, VUSK18, RSWH__RD, BWPSS12FH BWPSS36FH, BWPS12FH - BWPS36FH

Added new specifications 2023_Oct WF Price Book-LR rev-10.19.23

Added Wood Species MDF for Door Styles Destin, Hamilton, Santa Fe, Waverly, Devon, Pima

Added new Price Categories - P5 Destin MDF, P5 Hamilton MDF, P5 Santa Fe MDF, P6 Waverly MDF, P3 Devon MDF, P3 Pima MDF

Made changes in order form according to new spec. book 2023_Oct WF Price Book-LR rev-10.19.23

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