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Recently Added Finishes:

Recently Added:


Added New Publication PDF

Added Images for Options Face Frame

Deleted Door Styles: Davenport Arch, Charleston, Charleston Inset, Geneva, Venice, Madison Arch, Henlow Arch

Deleted Finishes: Stains (Garnet), Stains with Glazes (Garnet Java, Garnet Charcoal), Nature Collection Paints (Forge, Tensile)

Added New Finishes: Stains (Ash, Oatmeal); Stains with Glazes (Ash Charcoal, Oatmeal Charcoal, Oatmeal Java, Oatmeal Slate); Paints (Sapphire); Paints with Glazes (Sapphire Granite, Sapphire Java)

Removed from Options Finish Techniques – Brush Finish

Paints, Paints with Glazes – Only Available for Maple, MDF, Oak

Sherwin-Williams Only Available for Maple and MDF

Added Graphics for Glaze

Added Price List per sq. ft. for Wainscot Panels + Corrected Graphics

Deleted Products: CVS36, CVS3618; CVS3618BH; CVS36BH; CVS36PVWN__; PVWN__BH; SPVWN__; SPVWN__BH; CTVL__BR; CTVL__CH; C5078; C5018; C5019; C5195; C5020; C5021; C5062; C5063; C5064; C5065; C5086; C5038; C5039; C5040; C5070; C5071; C5072; C5073; C5096; DWRLSP; C5068; C5069; C5080-C5088; C5093-C5095; C5097; C5098; C5100; C5113; C5114; C5117; C5196; C5197; MCD____WCM; CHA-V3DB__; CHA-CVS__; CHA-CW2130; CHA-W______LD; CHA-W______D; SSLC__; SSLUC__; O308424; O338424; O309024; O339024; O309624; O339624; MWD____24; WZC__; ICCW__; DCFH__; Media Life (MLW, MLU, MLFB, MLFC); Entertainment Cabinets (ENT, ENTDB); GFDB__; FSB__; BZC___FH; CEB1224; CBP1224; OCB2424; PBWN24; SPBWN24; ICCB; FWH__; BWH__; ONLAYOLL; ONLAYWV; 3W3015BBS -3W6015BBS; W3015BBS -W6015BBS; 3BBBEPSBEM -3BBBEPTBEM; 3BBTEP1284SBEM -3BBTEP2496TBEM; 3BBWEP12SBEM -3BBWEP60TBEM; P3BBBEPSBEM -P3BBBEPTBEM; P3BBTEP1284SBEM -P3BBTEP2496TBEM; P3BBWEP12SBEM -P3BBWEP60TBEM; RF330 -RF342; AF631VEPL -AF634BEPR; AF684TEPL -AF6102TEPR; AF624WEPL -AF660WEPR; AFF631VEPL -AFF634BEPR; AFF684TEPL -AFF6102TEPR; AFF624WEPL -AFF660WEPR; AFP634B27L -AFP634BR; AFP628DL -AFP628DR; AFP684T27L -AFP6102TR; AFP631VL -AFP634VR; AFP612WL -AFP660WR; APP634B27L -APP634BR; APP628DL -APP628DR; APP684T27L -APP6102TR; APP631VL -APP634VR; APP612WL -APP660WR; AF18 -AF96; CCPMBEPL -CCPMBEPR; CDU18 -CDU42; CSV18 -CSV96; Counter Organizer; DFL -DFR; CCPMDEPL -CCPMDEPR; FTPDCH24 -FTPDCH27; 3DCW2730BBS -3DCW60BBS; DCW2730BBS -DCW60BBS; DWF -DWFP; DSU24 -DSU36; FV18 -FV96; FTP3624 -FTP4227; FTP-MC1804 -FTP-W1821; PSWN24 -PSWN60; PWN24 -PWN60; PDTH12 -PDTH24; RTNPNL; SSDSC1824DVD -SSDSC2424DVD; Spindle Rail; SRP; CCPMTEP1284L -CCPMTEP2496R; CCPMVEP18L -CCPMVEPRBH; CCPMWEP30L -CCPMWEP42R; CHA-NSV__;OLR3; CBLOL; CBLWV; ARFT; ARFTPC; CMMS; DCMMS; LGCMMS; LSCCM8MS; LSCVM8MS; MCM8MS; SCMFMS; SMCMMS; SSCVM8MS; TCMMS; PYRBM; CRSTM; DCAM8; MIM3/4; OLM8; PYRM; RDIM3/4; SMBTM; SMRDM; SWIM3/4; WVM; WVRBM; Curved Mouldings; DCSB__RS; DCSB__ST; BQPRXH18-460-SS; BQPRXH18-448-SS; MOD-V__; CHA-P__;

Updated Images + Graphics: VHC__; VLHC__; SSLWH; CBLGP; CRFT

Added New Modifications: Appliance Cutouts; Applied Door Option

Updated Prices

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