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Added New PDF (Aspire Specification Catalog)

Deleted Door Styles: Wood Door Styles (Charleston, Davenport Arch, Geneva, Henlow Arch, Madison Arch, Millbrook Arch, Venice), MDF Door Styles (Camden Arch, Lido)

Deleted Finishes: Stains (Chestnut, Cloud, Garnet, Tungsten,Wheat), Stains with Glazes (Chestnut Bronze, Cloud Mocha, Cloud Pewter, Cloud Slate, Cloud Sugar, Garnet Bronze, Garnet Charcoal, Ginger Toffee, Light Sugar, Wheat Slate), Delete all Group Nature Collection Paints+ (Forge, Tensile), Paints (Honey Butter, Pimento, Porcelain, Sage, Vanilla), Paints with Glazes (Creme Cappuccino, Dove Bronze, Honey Butter Toffee, Pimento Charcoal, Porcelain Java, Porcelain Pewter ,Sage Mocha, Vanilla Slate, Willow Bronze), Embossed Melamine Colors (Creme Cappuccino), Solid Colors (Gloss Stillwater Blue, Gloss Marine, Matte Ink, Gloss Ink, Matte Graphite, Gloss Graphite, Matte Blanco, Gloss Blanco), Specialty Colors (Gloss Champagne, Gloss Flint)

Paints, Paints with Glazes – Only Available for Maple, MDF & Oak, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Charcoal, Oatmeal Java, Oatmeal Slate – Only Available for Maple, Character Maple

Removed from Options Finish Techniques–Brush Finish

Removed from Options Door Edge Banding Option – Accent Edge Banding

Add Graphics for Glaze

Deleted Products: Peninsula Whatnot Shelves (PWN_), Peninsula Square Wall Whatnot Shelves (PSWN_), Cassette Drawer Units (CDU_),Cottage Scallop Valances(CSV_), Angle Fluted Wall Pilaster (AFP6__W),Angle Plain Wall Pilasters (APP6__W), GFDB18, PBWN24, SPBWN24, Deluxe Under Sink Caddy Pullout (DUSCPG, DUSCPW), Angle Fluted Base Pilasters (AFP634B_), Angle Plain Base Pilasters (APP634B_), Angle Fluted Tall Pilasters (AFP6__T), Angle Plain Tall Pilaster (APP6__T),Peninsula Vanity Whatnot Shelves (PVWN_), Square Peninsula Vanity End Whatnot Shelves (SPVWN_), SCVES2121BH, SCVES1818BH, AFP6__V, APP6__V, Cassette Drawer Units (CDU_), AFP628D, APP628D, Entertainment Cabinets (ENT_, ENTDB_), Rosette Fillers Wall (RF330, RF333, RF336, RF339, RF342),6" ANGLE FILLER with TALL,Wall, BASE/VANITY END PANEL (FF6__WEP, AF6__WEP, AFF634BEP, AFF631VEP, AF634BEP, AF631VEP, AFF6__TEP, AF6__TEP), Rattan Panel (RTNPNL), CRSTM, MIM3/4, OLM8, RDIM3/4, SMBTM, SMRDM, SWIM3/4, WVRBM, DCAM8, PYRBM, PYRM, WVM, DFL, DFR, SRP, SR, Olive Leaf Corbels(CBLOL_), Woven Corbels (CBLWV_), ONLAYOLL, ONLAYWV, OLR3, DWRLSP, E2234, E2235, E2236, B8639, B8640, B8635, B18WB.

Deleted Modifications –Decorative Door Inserts (DDI, WMICG, WMIMA, WMIBW, WMICO, WMITD. ORB, SS, AB), Metal Door :2 Frame Finishes –Artic Gold and Brushed Black, 2 standard glass types – Master Carre Glass, Smoked Gray Glass; 8 back painted glass colors that were available also as Writeable and Magnetic Writeable Back Painted Glass; 17 High Gloss Parapan Inserts (AWTHG, BDXHG, BLKHG, BRNHG, CAPHG, CBLHG, KIWHG, LGYHG, LTTHG, MITHG, ORDHG, ORGHG, OWTHG, PIYHG, SGYHG, SRDHG, TQSHG, WHTGH);3 Metallic Laminate Inserts (AMLAM, BSLAM, PIARL)

Added New Modifications– _UTDIN, VSPOKITIN, VSWBPKITIN, Metal Door: 2 New Door Profiles (AF007) Alexandria ALX and (AF014) Naples NPL;8 new Frame Finishes –ONY, GLD, GPH, MBR, CPR, LBZ, ASV, CHK, BZM;3 New Standard Glass Types – BCG, GSG, GRG; 12 back painted glass colors that will be available also as Writeable and Magnetic Writeable Back Painted Glass, 10 Architectural Resins

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