CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.4.2 • January 6, 2023

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Changed Name Catalog on WDL10-22

Added New PDF

Added New Door Styles: FO Reflection, FO Solitude, FO WoodLine, IN WoodLine

Added New Finishes: Concrete HDF, Concrete Maple, Concrete Rustic Alder, Concrete Oak, Concrete Rustic Oak, Black HDF, Cadet HDF, Calypso HDF, Creme HDF, Dove HDF, Forest HDF, Forge HDF, Harbor HDF, Ivory HDF, Khaki HDF, Lace HDF, Navy HDF, Olive HDF, Onyx HDF, River Rock HDF, Silver Bay HDF, Steel HDF, White HDF, Custom Opaque HDF

Added Wood Species HDF

Added New Products

Changed Upcharge on Beaded Inset Overlay from 5% to 10%

Changed Upcharge on Option Cabinet Box ALLPLYSLF 12%, PLYBOX 8%

Changed Upcharge on Option Drawer Box $120 MPLD - 5/8" Wood Dovetail, $250 WALD - 5/8" Walnut Dovetail

Removed Door Styles: Belmont, Fresco, Glenwood, Hayward, Inglewood Oak, Inglewood Plus Oak, FO Santa Fe, FO Santa Fe Plus, FO Vintage, FO Winfield Plus Walnut, FO Wyndam Walnut, SO Albany, Rustic SO Albany, SO Bridgeport, SO Bridgeport Plus, SO Glenwood, SO Heritage, SO Santa Fe, SO Santa Fe Plus, SO Vintage, IN Inglewood Oak, IN Inglewood Plus Oak, Rustic FO Hayward, Rustic FO Plank, Rustic SO Albany, Rustic SO Bridgeport Plus, Rustic SO Glenwood

Renamed the Two-Step Stain Group to Multi-Step Stain

Deleted Finish: Ruby

Changed in Options: Glaze

Deleted Brushstroke: Glaze

Updated Price Categories

Changed Dependencies to Price Categories

Discontinued Products

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