CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.0 • May 22, 2023

Painted Sage

Painted Mist

Maple Truffle

Maple Latte

Maple Cognac

Duraform Drift

Cherry Java

Cherry Amber

Recently Added


Added New PDF

Added New Door Styles: 330S and 460F

Added New Finishes: Cherry Amber, Painted Mist

Renames D Series Standard Overlay doors to DS Series: D04F changes to DS04F (18E), D02S changes to DS02S (19E)

Discontinued Door Style 310S

Updated Prices on Products

Added New Modification AH

Added New Products

Discontinued Products: CLS45F, SEB, SEPB, SUCO24, SUCO27, SUCO30, OVD2784 BUTT NDWR, OVD2790 AS BUTT NDWR, OVD2793 AS BUTT NDWR, OVD2796 AS BUTT NDWR, OVD3090 AS BUTT NDWR, OVD3084 BUTT NDWR, OVD3093 AS BUTT NDWR, OVD3096 AS BUTT NDWR, OVD3384 BUTT NDWR, OVD3390 AS BUTT NDWR, OVD3393 AS BUTT NDWR, OVD3396 AS BUTT NDWR, OVS2784 BUTT 2DDWR, OVS2790 AS BUTT 2DDWR, OVS2793 AS BUTT 2DDWR, OVS2796 AS BUTT 2DDWR, OVS3084 BUTT 2DDWR, OVS3090 AS BUTT 2DDWR, OVS3093 AS BUTT 2DDWR, OVS3096 AS BUTT 2DDWR, OVS3384 BUTT 2DDWR, OVS3390 AS BUTT 2DDWR, OVS3393 AS BUTT 2DDWR, OVS3396 AS BUTT 2DDWR, OVS2784 BUTT 3DWR, OVS2790 AS BUTT 3DWR, OVS2793 AS BUTT 3DWR , OVS2796 AS BUTT 3DWR, OVS3084 BUTT 3DWR, OVS3090 AS BUTT 3DWR, OVS3093 AS BUTT 3DWR, OVS3096 AS BUTT 3DWR, OVS3384 BUTT 3DWR , OVS3390 AS BUTT 3DWR, OVS3393 AS BUTT 3DWR, OVS3396 AS BUTT 3DWR, BLPW2424 BUTT, BLPW2430 BUTT, BLPW2436 BUTT, BLPW2439 BUTT , BLPW2442 BUTT, BLPW2424 BUTT SD, BLPW2430 BUTT SD, BLPW2436 BUTT SD, BLPW2439 BUTT SD , BLPW2442 BUTT SD, PWCW2430 BUTT, PWCW2436 BUTT, PWCW2439 BUTT, PWCW2442 BUTT, PWCW2430 BUTT SD, PWCW2436 BUTT SD, PWCW2439 BUTT SD , PWCW2442 BUTT SD, PW3027 BUTT, PW1230, PW1530, PW1830, PW2430, PW2430 BUTT, PW3030 BUTT, PW3630 BUTT, PW4230, PW2436 BUTT, PW3036 BUTT, PW3636 BUTT, PW2439 BUTT, PW3039 BUTT , PW2442 BUTT, PW3639 BUTT, PW3042 BUTT, PW3642 BUTT, PW1818, PW2418 BUTT, PW3018 BUTT, PW3618 BUTT, PW4218, PW3021 BUTT, PW3621 BUTT, PW1224, PW1824, PW2424 BUTT, PW3024 BUTT, PW3624 BUTT, PW4224, WCC2415, WCC3015, WCC3615, WRC1530, WRC1830, BLPW2424 BUTT SD, PW1230 SD, PW1530 SD, PW1830 SD, PW2430 BUTT SD, PW3030 BUTT SD, PW3630 BUTT SD, PW4230 SD , PW2436 BUTT SD, PW3036 BUTT SD, PW3636 BUTT SD, PW2439 BUTT SD , PW3039 BUTT SD, PW3639 BUTT SD, PW2442 BUTT SD, PW3042 BUTT SD, PW3642 BUTT SD, PW1818 SD, PW2418 BUTT SD, PW3018 BUTT SD, PW3618 BUTT SD, PW4218 SD , PW3021 BUTT SD , PW3621 BUTT SD, PW1224 SD, PW1824 SD, PW2424 BUTT SD, PW3024 BUTT SD, PW3624 BUTT SD, PW4224 SD, B36, DB36, PB36, B36 FA2T , B36 FA4T , B36 CC4T, WCC DOWEL, WCC24 4PC RAIL , WCC30 4PC RAIL , WCC36 4PC RAIL , 12’’ SHELF PW 3/4, 15’’ SHELF PW 3/4, 18’’ SHELF PW 3/4, 24’’ SHELF PW 3/4, 30’’ SHELF PW 3/4, 36’’ SHELF PW 3/4, 42’’ SHELF PW 3/4, Discontinued all current UD cabinets and BTK8 UD except: BPS30, BPS36, VPS30, VPS36

Added dependency of the new modification AH to products.

Applied New Projects for ProKitchen 11 version:

Applied new project "Added graphics technology - size 512x512 pixels for textures finishes."

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