Ultracraft Destiny

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.4.1 • January 17, 2023


Added Glossiness Graphic

Renamed Logo to Logo_Ultracraft_Destiny Added new project in catalog:
Added Project "Glosiness" and Modification FRONT_FINISH for All Hoods, Fillers, Valance and Panels

Added Project with Beaded Panel for Products BDP96, HIPLAPPNL96VT, SHIPLAPPNL96HZ. Corrected Graphics for BDP96

Added Accessories to Drawer - for Products DB2T3_-2D, DB2T3_, B2T__, and Accessories DWRCD__DT, DDD__, CUTLERY__W, CUTLERY__

Added Drawer Front Bin - for Accessories Tilt-out Trays (SKU TILT___)

Added Project for Changing Drawer Height for Products DB2T3_-2D, DB2T3_

Added Folded, Vertical Lift, Stay Lift, Bifold Cabinet Hinges for Products WP______, HBFW______, SUW___, SUAG___, SUAGST_____, SUCAG__

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