Timberlake Cabinetry

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.22 • April 15, 2024


Updated images for Clear Glass, Derbyshire Seeded Glass, Frosted Glass, Meredith Glass

Changed the Factor Codes in in modifications Special Door Options: MFD12-30, MFD36-42, OFD12-30, OFD36-42, CLEAR12-30, CLEAR36-42, DERBYSHIRE12-30,DERBYSHIRE36-42, FROSTED12-30, FROSTED36-42, FROSTED ASH12-30, FROSTED ASH36-42, IMPRESSION12-30, IMPRESSION36-42, MEREDITH12-30, MEREDITH36-42, RIBBED12-30, RIBBED36-42, PREPPED12-30, PREPPED36-42

Removed spaces in SKUs (for example, B21 L - B21L)

Updated the image for the door: Barnett, Beckley, Charleston, Corban, Corban w/DFO, Downing, Fairfield, Kinsdale, Lausanne non-Textured, Lausanne Textured, Maddox, Maddox w/DFO, New Haven, New Haven w/DFO, New Haven w/DFO-DT, Sierra Vista, Sonoma, Sonoma-DT, Sonoma w/DFO, Sonoma w/DFO-DT, Windsor, Windsor w/DFO

Added DGI-____ modifications for cabinets with the SD prefix

Сorrected product graphics: SDC__V, SDC18, SDC__H

modifications on wall cabinets have been corrected

New Projects for ProKitchen 11.0.5:

Mullion Doors and Glass Modification Improvement

Automatic Molding Placement on Hoods

Corrected Glass Inserts

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