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Add New Spec Book: 2021 StarMark Digital Catalog.pdf

Add Custom Finishes - Custom Stain 10%, Custom Stain Chocolate 20%, Custom Stain Latte 20%, Custom Stain Nickel 20%, Custom Stain Ebony 20%, Custom Stain Cottage 25%, Custom Stain Chocolate Cottage 25%, Custom Stain Ebony Cottage 25%, Custom Stain Latte Cottage 25%, Custom Stain Nickel Cottage 25%, Custom Stain Chocolate (Old World) 25%, Custom Stain Ebony (Old World) 25%, Custom Stain Latte (Old World) 25%, Custom Stain Nickel (Old World) 25%, Chateaux Custom 25%, Weathered Custom 25%, Weathered Custom Ebony 25%, Weathered Custom Nickel 25%, Weathered Custom Latte 25%, Weathered Custom Chocolate 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish 15%, Custom Tinted Varnish Chocolate 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Latte 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Ebony 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Nickel 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Chocolate Cottage 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Ebony Cottage 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Latte Cottage 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Nickel Cottage 25%, Homestead Custom 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Chocolate (Old World) 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Ebony (Old World) 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Latte (Old World) 25%, Custom Tinted Varnish Nickel (Old World) 25%, Villa Custom 25%

Add New Modification ACMOD and Dependences to Product

Add Custom Mullion Door Modifications – Bow, Ellipse, Pendent, Gothic, Portal II, Stacked Crossing, Stacked Window; Thornton X Insert Door – Thornton

Update Upcharges for Finishes –Stain w/Glaze 10%, Cottage Stain with Glaze 15%, Tinted Varnish 5%, Tinted Varnish w/Glaze 15%, Cottage Tinted Varnish w/Glaze 15%, Licorice 15%, Amaretto 15%, Old World 15%, Chateaux 15%, Homestead 15%, Villa 15%, Antiquity 15%, Weathered and Weathered Snow 15%

Update Upcharges for Global options - Spattering 10%, Matte Top Coat 5%, Distressing 10%

Update Prices for Hoods Series E and Series G

Delete Door styles: Augusta, Carmen, Corona, Sonoma, Harmony, Jacksonville, Juneau, Newberry, Pacifica, Piedmont, Rapids, Riverton, Royale, Woodfield, Kingsberry, Woodlawn

Delete Wood Species – Thermofoil, Rustic Cherry

Delete Finishes – Bordeaux, Peppercorn Nickel, Driftwood Nickel, Pearl Nickel, Blueberry Nickel, Macadamia Nickel, Ivory Cream Nickel, Mushroom Nickel, Graphite Nickel, Buttercream Nickel, Oregano Nickel, Moss Green Nickel, Portabella Nickel, Honey Nickel, Butterscotch Nickel, Breeze Nickel, Capri Nickel, Sage Nickel, Stone Nickel, Butterscotch Nickel Cottage, Driftwood Nickel Cottage, Honey Nickel Cottage, Oregano Nickel Cottage, Blueberry Nickel Cottage, Buttercream Nickel Cottage, Graphite Nickel Cottage, Ivory Cream Nickel Cottage, Macadamia Nickel Cottage, Moss Green Nickel Cottage, Mushroom Nickel Cottage, Pearl Nickel Cottage, Peppercorn Nickel Cottage, Stone Nickel Cottage, Weathered Blueberry Nickel, Weathered Breeze Nickel, Weathered Buttercream Nickel, Weathered Capri Nickel, Weathered Driftwood Nickel, Weathered Graphite Nickel, Weathered Ivory Cream Nickel, Weathered Macadamia Nickel, Weathered Moss Green Nickel, Weathered Mushroom Nickel, Weathered Pearl Nickel, Weathered Peppercorn Nickel, Weathered Portabella Nickel, Weathered Sage Nickel, Weathered Stone Nickel

Delete Upcharge for Wood Species - Rustic

Delete Products - Walls: Peninsula wall 30" H, Peninsula wall 36" H, Wall w/Swing Out Pantry, Stacked wall cabinet w/open shelf above, Drawers Front Valance Box, Peninsula Square Wall Blind Corners, Square Corner Wall w/Drawers, Diagonal Wall Lazy Susan w/Tambour, Diagonal Wall w/Chrome/Wood Lazy Susan & Draws, Deep Diagonal Wall w/Wood Trays & Tambour, Deep Diagonal Wall w/Wood Trays & Drawers, Peninsula Diagonal Wall, Peninsula Diagonal Wall w/Lazy Susan, Wall w/Tambour and Drawer, Microwave Wall w/Tambour, Microwave Garage w/Tambour, Microwave Diagonal Wall w/Drawer & Open Shelf, Cabinets Console w/Drawers, Wall w/Extended Bottom Rail, Roll Top Desk Cabinets, Curved Out Wall w/Mullion Door, Angle Country Wall w/Mullion Door, Peninsula Wood Hoods, Hearth Hoods Style C, Combination Bookcase w/Drawer, Combination Bookcase w/Drawer & Beaded Back, Bookcases w/Tambour, Bookcases w/Tambour & Beaded Back, Country Valance What Not Shelves, Angle Country Valance What Not Shelves, Half Round What Not Shelves, Apothecary Drawers w/Dovetails
- Bases: Base Recessed Back, Base Angled Stiles, Base Angled Stiles w/Flutes, Bow Front Base, Bases W/FH Door & Angled Stile, Bases W/FH Door & Angled Stile w/Flutes, Wall Base Tall w/Paper Towel Dispenser, Sink/Range Base w/Recessed Front, Sink/Range Base w/Bow Front, Sink Front w/Trimmable Stiles, Angle Sink Base, Square Corner Sink Front, Blind Corner w/Revolving Shelf, Vegetable Storage Bases, Four Drawer Base w/Vegetable Front, Drawer Base w/Bread Board and Utensil Storage, Beaded Back Base without Door, Base w/Bread Board and Utensil Storage, Base w/Chopping Block Butt Doors and Fixed Mullion, Four Drawer Combination, Four Drawer Combination w/Bread Board, Four Drawer Combination w/Chopping Block, Four Drawer Combination w/Bread Board and Utensil Storage, BPT48, Range Panel w/Side Stiles, Range Panel, Wall Base w/Wine Rack Below Doors, Base Island Units - Style A, Base Island Assembly - Style D, Angle Country Base, Half Round Base End
- Talls/Ovens: Chef’s Pantry, Chef’s Pantry w/Drawers, Super Chef’s Pantry w/Drawers, Microwave Oven w/Warming Drawer, Microwave Tambour Cook Center, Entertainment Wall Pocket Door, Angle Corner Hutch w/Wide Bottom Rail
- Other Room: Tall Entertainment Pocket Door w/Wide Bottom Rail, Fireplace Surround, FPSP40-87, Fireplace Surround Fluted
- Vanities: Diagonal Vanity Sink Base, Trimmable Sink Front, Vanity Tambour Wall, Vanity Diagonal Wall Mirror, Vanity Corner Wall Mirror, Vanity Combination Two Sinks and Drawer Base Wall Hung, Double Sink Combination Wall Hung, Linen w/Tambour and Hamper, Face Frame w/Doors, Tailored Vanity Sink Bases W/Wide Stiles, Tailored Vanity Full Height Door Sink Bases W/Wide Stiles, Tailored Vanities Three Drawer Base W/Wide Stiles, Tailored Vanities Combination Drawer and Sink Base W/Wide S, Tailored Tall Vanity Four Drawer Base w/Wide Stiles, Spa Vanity Sink w/Curved Out Door and Plinth Shelf, Tailored Mirror w/Mouldings and Wide Stiles, Tailored Linen Hamper w/Wide Stiles, Tailored Tall Linen Hamper w/Wide Stiles, Tailored Linen w/Wide Stiles, Tailored Tall Linen w/Wide Stiles, Tailored Linen Three Drawer w/Wide Stiles, Tailored Tall Linen Four Drawer w/Wide Stiles, Moulding Platform

Delete Glass Doors: Arts & Craft, Craftsman, Diamonds, Garden, Lace, Mission, Grapevine, Ivy, Dark Amber, Light Amber, Green, Enlighten (MEL), Plains (MPL), Manor (MMN), Bungalow (MBW), Portal (MPO)

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