Showplace Evo

Version 10.3.3    |    April 24, 2020
Changes made to Showplace Evo Catalog in ProKitchen Software -

1. Added new corbels (FA.A1285)

2. Added new Add Floor Above Waste Basket modification (FA.M1471)

3. Added new Slant Raised Eased Header (FA.M1635)

4. Added new Wood Corbel Box Mantel (FA.OR1179)

5. Added new Classic Box Mantel (FA.OR1181)

6. Added new Straight Box Mantel (FA.OR1184)

7. Added new Cabana door style

8. Added new Chalet TM door style

9. Added new Horizon D (AL) door style

10. Added new Vienna D (AL) door style

11. Added new Villa TM door style

12. Added new Thunder stain

13. Added new FLAT.Q and LFLAT.R moldings (FA.TM1160)

14. Added new SHOE.R molding (FA.TM1210)

15. Added new Stacked Square Wall (FA.W1211)

16. Added new Shiplap Style Chimney Hood (FA.W1469)

17. Added new Shiplap Style Range Hood (FA.W1471)

18. Added 42"H to Standard Stacked Wall (FA.W1181)

19. Added 2.75" and 3" Wine Cooler Doors

20. Adjusted width of Vanity Mirror Pull Out (FA.V1145)

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