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CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.11 • August 8, 2022

Recently Added:


Added new spec PDF

Added new finishes: Brightest White, Serious Gray

Deleted Door Style – Morgan

Deleted Finish – Grizzly

Added the availability of DFF5PC and DFF5PCSLBT Drawer Front for Door Style “Garret”

Changed depth for adjustable shelves in cabinets (cabinet 24” full depth = 22 1/2” and 12 to 10 1/2)

Added availability for DRWPWR modification in the following products: DDO182921R, DDO182921L, DDO212921R, DDO212921L, DDO242921, DDO272921, DDO302921, DDO332921, DDO362921, DDO182924R, DDO182924L, DDO212924R, DDO212924L, DDO242924, DDO272924, DDO302924, DDO332924, DDO362924, 3DB182921, 3DB212921, 3DB242921, 3DB272921, 3DB302921, 3DB332921, 3DB362921, 3DB182924, 3DB212924, 3DB242924, 3DB272924, 3DB302924, 3DB332924, 3DB362924, DFD182921, DFD212921, DFD182924, DFD212924

Added new product FOOTMETAL

Updated prices

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