Mid Continent Cabinetry

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.20 • MAY 7, 2021

Recently Added Door Styles & Finishes:

Recently Added:


Added Availability Finishes for Woods: Chestnut, Chestnut Black, Chestnut Chocolate for Maple, Chestnut Black for Oak, Chestnut, Chestnut Black, Chestnut Chocolate for Rustic Alder, Chestnut, Chestnut Black, Chestnut Chocolate for Cherry

Added New Modifications

Added New PDF File “Pricing and Spec Book_Signature MCC_January 2021_single”.

Added Exterior

Updated Prices for Products RF390, RFDTK390, RFDTK500

Updated Prices for Products

Moved Finish Stone from Designer Paints to Standard Paints

Moved Finish Briarwood from Standard Finishes to Inspired Finishes

Moved Finish Mineral from Inspired Finishes to Standard Finishes

Moved Finish Umber from Standard Finishes to Inspired Finishes

In category Custom Paints Finish Briarwood Black Renamed to Custom Paint

Corrected Upcharges for Finishes

Corrected Sizes for Arch Valances – height 4 ½

Deleted Door Style – Harris

Deleted Finishes – Harvest, Harvest Black, Harvest Chocolate, Suede, Suede Chocolate, Indigo Pewter

Deleted Products –FOCCM, TCM5, TCCM5, TCM6, TSCRN, SM, BIM, EGM, DM, RM, TM, CPETB, PLB-8, BAT-50PK, BAT-5PK, SC-50PK, IC-50PK, IC-5PK, OC-50PK, OC-5PK, OC-1.25, IC135, CVM, SSPO-KIT, AV18, AV21, AV27, AV33, AV39, AV45, AV51, AV57, AV63, AV69, AV75, AV78, AV81, AV84, AV87, AV90, AV93, AV96

Deleted Modifications - FT1-FE-E1, FT1-SBM-E2, FT1-TBM-E3, FT2-FE-E1, FT2-TBM-E3, FT2-SBM-E2, FT3-FE-E1, FT3-SBM-E2, FT3-TBM-E3, FT4-FE-E1, FT4-SBM-E2, FT4-TBM-E3, FT5-FE-E1, FT5-SBM-E2, FT5-TBM-E3, FT6-FE-E1, FT6-SBM-E2, FT6-TBM-E3, FT7-FE-E1, FT7-SBM-E2, FT7-TBM-E3, FT8-FE-E1, FT8-SBM-E2, FT8-TBM-E3, FT9-FE-E1, FT9-SBM-E2, FT9-TBM-E3, FT10-FE-E1, FT10-SBM-E2, FT10-TBM-E3, FT11-FE-E1, FT11-SBM-E2, FT11-TBM-E3, FT12-FE-E1, FT12-SBM-E2, FT12-TBM-E3, MP27X18-INSTALL, MP30X18-INSTALL, MP27X21-INSTALL, MP30X21-INSTALL, TBM-FOCM1, TBM-FOSCRN, ATM-FOCM1, ATM-FOSCRN.

Inserted Colored Insides into Finish Interior

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