Merillat Classic

Version 10.4.1    |    November 16, 2020


Deleted Fusion in Cherry

Deleted Hazelnut & Hazelnut w/Java, Sedona & Sedona w/Ebony

Deleted Desk End Panel(DEP2431), Triple Bead Edging & Pilaster(TBE8, TBP8, TBE8-25), Deleted Hardware from Options and from products(HK__, HP__)

Glaze has changed to a Highlight process(Renamed Finishes)

Added Glenrock Maple Door Style

Added 5-piece drawer front to Marlin Maple

Added new Finishes Boardwalk and Steel Grey

Added new products(New in spec)

Added new Modifications - BWNON and SGNON

Added new spec 2020_Merillat_Classic-SpecBook-eCatalog

Updated Prices according to the Merillat_Classic_Pricing.xlsx

Added new Hardware to products KNOB_ and PULL_ and to Global Options. In Globals Skus were done as in kraftmaid catalog. According to the Merillat_Classic_Pricing

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