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Red Oak Sable

Maple Basalt

Hickory Natural

Cherry Pecan

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Added new spec pdf

Added new products: WMC3042B; WMC2742B; WR3724; WR3724B; BTMC27; BTMC30; OCD_; PSD_; WTP_B; WHVC_B; WR_; WR_B; DSBE_-CG; DSB_CG; DSBE_

Added new door Brimley

Deleted price categories: Avenue Cherry, Avenue Cherry, LaBelle Cherry, LaBelle Maple, Lanielle Textured Laminate, Somerton Hill Cherry Arch, Somerton Hill Cherry Square, Somerton Hill Maple Arch, Somerton Hill Maple Square, Sutton Cliffs Cherry Square, Sutton Cliffs Hickory Square, Sutton Cliffs Maple Square, Sutton Cliffs Red Oak Square, Seneca Ridge Cherry Arch, Seneca Ridge Maple Arch, Seneca Ridge Red Oak Arch

Deleted Drawer Front Construction: Tolani Drawer Front - 3-Piece

Deleted Finish: Amaretto-Cherry, Amaretto-Rift Oak, Amaretto w/ Java Highlight – Cherry, Toffee – Maple, Toffee w/Java Highlight, Cavern, Whisper, Natural w/Java Highlight, Cotton w/Java Highlight,Nightfall w/Ebony Highlight, Shale w/Ebony Highlight, Sable w/Ebony Highlight

Deleted Group Finishes: Thermofoil, Textured Laminate

Deleted modifications: Prairie Mullion, Prairie Prep for Glass Mullion

Deleted global option: PST

Deleted product: ACM8-TL; BCF6-2734; BEPF3-34L-TL; BEPF3-34R-TL; BEPF3-34-TL; BEPF6-34-TL; BEP-TL; BFF; BFOLC3; BWBFMK; BWBFMK-2; CR8; CR8-15; CVC312; CVC312-UF; CVC69; CVC69-UF; CVFT; CVFT-UF; CVLM8-TL; DDWP; DIP30; DWP; DWP-4; EB-TL; FFA3-30; FFA3-36; FFA3-39; FFA3-42; ICM8-TL; LM8; LM8-10; OSC8-TL; PB4834P-TL; PB4896P-TL; QR8-TL; REP3296-TL; SM8-TL; TEP84-TL; TEP96-TL; TEPF1-84-TL; TEPF1-96-TL; TFF3-84; TFF3-90; TFF3-93; TFF3-96; TKCL8-TL; TKCUL8-TL; V96T-TL; VFF3; WCF6-1530; WCF6-1536; WCF6-1542; WEP1530-TL; WEP1542-TL; WEP30-TL; WEP42-TL; WFF3-12; WFF3-15; WFF3-18; WFF3-24; WFF3-36; WFF3-42; BEPF3-34-TL-2; BEP-TL-6; PB4834P-TL-4; RPLUBT24TBLASY; TEP84-TL-2; TEP96-TL-2; TKCL8-TL-4; UBT24B; WEP1530-TL-6; WEP1542-TL-6; WEP30-TL-6; WEP42-TL-6; WCD3015; WCD3615; UCS36; UCSC2424; VWB2648; ODK27; ODK30; ODK33; OCU3084; OCU3384; OCU3090; OCU3390; OCU3096; OCU3396; OCU3096_2Drw; OCU3396_2Drw; OCU3090_2Drw; OCU3390_2Drw; OCU3084_2Drw; OCU3384_2Drw; OCU2784B_2Drw; OCU2790B_2Drw; OCU2796B_2Drw; OCU2784B; OCU2790B; CU2796B; OCU2793B; OCU3084B; OCU3090B; OCU3093B; OCU3096B; OCU3384B; OCU3390B; OCU3393B; OCU3396B; OCU3084B_2Drw; OCU3384B_2Drw; OCU3090B_2Drw; OCU3390B_2Drw; OCU3390B_2Drw; OCU3396B_2Drw; OCU2793B_2Dr; OCU3093B_2Dr; OCU3393B_2Dr

Change products SKU and Description: OCU2784B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 2784 Butt Door) - OCS2784B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 2784 Butt 3D); OCU3084B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3084) - OCS3084-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3084 3D);OCU3084_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3084) - OCS3084B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3084 Butt 3D);OCU3384B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3384) - OCS3384-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3384 3D);OCU3384_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3384) - OCS3384B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3384 Butt 3D);OCU2790B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 2790 Butt Door) - OCS2790B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 2790 Butt 3D);OCU3090B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3090) - OCS3090B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3090 Butt 3D);OCU3090_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3090) - OCS3090-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3090 3D);OCU3390B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3390) - OCS3390B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3390 Butt 3D);OCU3390_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3390) - OCS3390-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3390 3D); OCU2793B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 2793 Butt Door) - OCS2793B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 2793 Butt 3D); OCU3093B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3093 Butt Door) - OCS3093B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3093 Butt 3D); OCU3393B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3393 Butt Door) - OCS3393B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3393 Butt 3D); OCU2796B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 2796 Butt Door) - OCS2796B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 2796 Butt 3D); OCU3096B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3096) - OCS3096B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3096 Butt 3D); OCU3096_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3096) - OCS3096-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3096 3D); OCU3396B_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3396) - OCS3396B-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3396 Butt 3D); OCU3396_3Drw (Oven Cabinet Universal 3396) - OCS3396-3D (Single Oven Cabinet 3396 3D)

Deleted Glass and Mullion options from Wall Microwave Cabinets

Updated prices for products

Add new project for ProKitchen 11:

Added new project "Advanced graphics technology - size 512x512 pixels for textures finishes"

Added new project " Jeffrey Alexander and Elements Knob and Pull Collections’

Added new project "Glossiness"

Added 3D for Beaded Panel VGP4834, VGP4896

Added new project "Drawer Front Bin" - for products: SB_UT

Added new project "Drawer Height for Drawer Box" for products: BPPS_-2D; B_; BSD_B; PB_; PBBC_; BD_-3D; BD_-4D; BCD_D_-4D; BWBT_; BBC_B_; BTMC_; VB_; VSBT_-3D; VSB_-4D; VSBT_-3D; VSB_-2D; VCD_D; VCD_; VCDT_; VD_-3D; DDO_; UB_; UBD_-3D; UBBC_B; UBMC_

Added new project "RECTOP-SINK" for product: DSBE_

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