Merillat Basics

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.1 • June 25, 2024

Laminate White

Laminate Grey

Birch Steel Grey

Birch Boardwalk

Recently Added


Deleted Door Style - Homestead

Deleted Price Category - HMD_BR_S_TWNON_S

Added new Door Style - McDurmon Laminate - Full

Added new Global Option - Door Overlay

Added new Price Category - MCF_LM_S

Added new Global Option - Drawer Box Options - All Plywood Construction with Dovetail Drawers

Added new Global option - Cabinet CONSTRUCTION

Added new spec - 2024MerillatBasics-SpecBook

Added new products - KNOB4056MB, WMC2742B, WMC3036B, WMC3042B, WEP1524, WEP1524-10, WEP1530, WEP1530-10, WEP1542, WEP1542-10, WEP2424, WEP2424-10, WEP2430, WEP2430-10, WEP2442, WEP2442-10, WEP1524P, WEP1524P-10, WEP1530P, WEP1530P-10, WEP1542P, WEP1542P-10, WEP2424P, WEP2424P-10, WEP2430P, WEP2430P-10, WEP2442P, WEP2442P-10, TKCV8, TKCV8-25, VEP34P-10, VEP34-10, VEP34, VEP34P, USK2421-3/4, USK1812-3/4, USK1824-3/4, USK1521-3/4, USK1821-3/4, USK2412-3/4, USK1512-3/4, USK1524-3/4, USK2424-3/4, TKCUV8, ROT1221, ROT1521, ROT1821, ROT2121, ROT2421, ROT2721B, ROT3021B, ROT3321, ROT3621B, ROT3921, RWTC____

Deleted products - USK1512-1/2, USK1521-1/2, USK1524-1/2, USK1812-1/2, USK1821-1/2, USK1824-1/2, USK2412-1/2, USK2421-1/2, BS2724B, BS3024B, BS3624B, RBS2712B, RBS3012BHDS, RBS3012HDS, RBS3312HDS, RBS3612B, RBS3612BHDS, RBS3612HDS, RTS3012B, RTS3024B, RTS3612B, RTS3624B, RWS2712B, RWS3012B, RWS3612B, RWS2715B, RWS3015B, RWS3615B, RWS2724B, RWS3024B, RWS3624B, REPLCLTSH.50X2.00X28.50, REPLCLTSH.50X2.00X31.50, HINSPACER.06, HINSPACER.06-25, SHCLP12, SHCLP12-100, SHCLP12-20

Deleted modification - F - Face Wrap %

Added new modifications - ADU, D

Updated prices on Products and Modifications

New Projects for ProKitchen version 11.0.5:

Project "Glossiness" and modification FRONT_FINISH

Drawer Front Bin - in Products, Accessories (Utility Tray Kit)

Changing Drawer Height in Products

Wine Cabinets

Advanced graphics technology - Size 512x512 pixels for textures finishes

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