Marsh Cabinets

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.0 • May 22, 2023

Hunt with Glaze

Paintable Hardwood Pebble

Oak Drift

Oak Cocoa

Maple Cocoa

Maple Carbon

Cherry Jute

Cherry Carbon

Birch Cocoa

Birch Clove

Birch Carbon

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Added New PDF

Added New door style Pinehurst I and Pinehurst II

Added New finishes: Carbon Birch, Carbon Cherry, Carbon Maple, Carbon Oak, Graphite Oak, Hunt Paintable Hardwood, Jute Oak, Jute Cherry

Added New dependencies Species with Finishes: Cocoa On Birch Finish, Clove On Birch Finish, Nutmeg On Birch Finish, Saddle On Birch Finish, Graphite On Oak Finish, Hunt On Paintable Hardwood, Carbon On Birch Finish, Carbon On Cherry Finish, Carbon On Maple Finish, Carbon On Oak Finish, Jute On Cherry Finish, Jute On Oak Finish, Graphite on Oak

Added New prices categories: Pinehurst Maple, Pinehurst Cherry, Pinehurst Oak, Pinehurst Birch, Pinehurst Paintable Hardwood, Savannah Oak, Hampton Oak, Apex Oak, Summerfield Oak, Sedgefield Oak

Deleted finishes: Autumn, Cafe, Cordovan and Tuscany

Deleted door styles: Kent, York and Cane

Deleted prices categories: Kent Birch, York Birch and Cane Birch

Updated prices on products

Added 5 FOL door styles to Oak species: Savannah I & II Oak, Hampton I & II Oak, Apex Oak, Summerfield I & II Oak, Sedgefield I & II Oak

Added New products

Discontinued products

Added New modifications

Discontinued modifications

Updated prices on modifications

Corrected products height correction

Added New project: Advanced graphics technology - Size 512x512 pixels for textures finishes.

Added ProKitchen hardware and Jeffrey Alexander Elements

Project "Glossiness" - modification FRONT_FINISH

Project with Beaded Panel

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