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Deleted Door Styles: Argonne, Barnet Crafted, Belmont Square, Camby, Courtney, Evana Cathedral & Square, Fox Chase Roman - in Half & Full overlay, Grandview Roman - in Half & Full overlay, Halden, Hanley Square, Harper, Judson, Larken, Layden, Lincoln, Lockeford, Mandolay, Northbrook, Polarcrest, Sheridan, Sydney, Tennyson

Deleted Finishes: Aged Ash Brown, Aged Papyrus, Aged Tavern, Autumn Blush, Autumn Blush Suede, Baltic Suede, Barley Suede, Bonsai Suede, Burmese, Burmese Suede, Camel, Camel Suede, Cannon Grey Suede, Canvas Suede, Canvas w/Cinder Highlight Suede, Canvas w/Cocoa Highlight Suede, Canvas w/Onyx Highlight Suede, Chestnut, Chestnut Suede, Chocolate Suede, Chocolate w/Ebony Glaze Suede, Cognac Suede, Colormatch Suede, Cottage Suede, Distressed Autumn Blush, Distressed Chestnut, Distressed Fawn, Distressed Linen, Distressed Sunset, Distressed Translucent Phantom, Dove White Suede, Dove White w/Cinder Highlight Suede, Dove White w/Cocoa Highlight Suede, English Green Suede, Fawn, Fawn Suede, Ginger Suede, Ginger w/Sable Glaze Suede, Greyloft High Gloss, Greyloft Suede, Greyloft w/Sable Highlight Suede, Harbor Suede, Honey Spice Suede, Husk Suede, Kaffe Suede, Lagoon Suede, Linen, Linen Suede, Linen w/Cinder Highlight, Linen w/Cocoa Highlight Suede, Midnight Suede, Midnight w/Onyx Highlight Suede, Molasses Suede, Moonshine Suede, Moonshine w/Cinder Highlight Suede, Moonshine w/Cocoa Highlight Suede, Natural Suede, Onyx Suede, Pebble Grey Suede, Pebble Grey w/Cocoa Highlight Suede, Peppercorn Suede, Praline Suede, Rainfall Suede, Riverbed Suede, Saddle Suede, Serenity Suede, Slate Suede, Sunset, Sunset Suede, Translucent Phantom, Vintage, Canvas, Vintage Canvas Suede, Vintage Cottage, Vintage Cottage Suede, Vintage Dove White, Vintage Dove White Suede, Vintage Greyloft, Vintage Greyloft Suede, Vintage Linen, Vintage Linen Suede, Vintage Midnight, Vintage Midnight, Suede, Vintage Moonshine, Vintage Moonshine Suede, Vintage Onyx, Vintage Onyx Suede, Vintage Pebble Grey, Vintage Pebble Grey Suede, Vintage Warm White, Vintage Warm White Suede, Warm White Suede, Weathered Ash Brown, Weathered Papyrus, Weathered Tavern, White (Dove White Foil)

Deleted Knife Hinge Option

Deleted from modifications: Contrasting Back Option - Leather Back, Operational End -Tall, Integrated Message Center - Base, Integrated Message Center Extended Top-Tall, Integrated Message Center Extended, Bottom-Tall, Integrated Wall Open Integrated Storage, Integrated Base Spice Shelf, Integrated Base Wine Storage, Fluted Integrated Extended Stile, Cabinet Valance Option - Victorian(VVIC), Fluted Extended Stile, Wall Top Wide Rail, Mullion Strip Wall-Void Center Stile, Mullion Strip Base -Void Center Stile, Mullion Strip Peninsula Base-Void Center Stile

Deleted Decorative Doors & Inserts: Fresco Brushed Aluminum, Palisades Insert, Penrose Insert, Victorian Insert, Yorkshire Insert, Shaddow Insert Crossroads Insert, Lisbon Insert, Modern Frosted Insert, Prairie Insert, Silk Insert, Wintersday Insert, Ambry Insert, Castlegate Insert, Raleigh Insert, Vista Mullion Insert, Chalkboard Insert, Leather Insert, Dolace Insert, Modern Textured Insert, Styx Insert, Vauxhall Insert

Deleted Price Categories According to Discontinued Door Styles

Deleted Knob 161,171,181,191

Deleted Products

Added New Specifications

Added New Finishes: Brown Sugar, Shortbread Stain, Distressed Brown Sugar, Distressed Shortbread Stain, Crimson, Heron, Overcast, Urban Grey Paint, Distressed Heron, Distressed Overcast, Distressed Urban Grey

Corrected Upcharge to Finishes

Added New Products

Corrected High Corr for All Products with Drawers

Corrected Graphics for Exterior and Interior of Cabinets - Made it Natural Birch

Added Graphics for Construction Option Modifications and FE

Added New Modification HFPEB, VUS

Updated Prices for Products and Modification

Corrected Graphics for Some Products with FE, MI as Standard in Spec

Deleted Condition from Wall Door for Double Panel

Made Wall Wine Rack Available in Vertical and Horizontal applications

Change Width on Island Ends

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