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New Code OMEGA-R30B36SMB - OMEGA-R30C36SMB, OMEGA-R30B42SMB - OMEGA-R30C42SMB, SBDTF-2336-14 - SBDTF-3336-14

Delete products - W3636RHAPCC-2B, W4236RHAPCC-2B, W3636RHAPMC-2B, W4236RHAPMC-2B, W3642RHAPCC-2B, W4242RHAPCC-2B, W3642RHAPMC-2B, W4242RHAPMC-2B, APVAL36, APVAL42, A PVAL48, APVAL54, APVAL60, STANISCI-600 -30, STANISCI-600-36, STANISCI-600-42, STANISCI-600-48, STANISCI-600-54, STANISCI-600-60, 50BLD-WH, 448-VC20SC-8, RV-50-LID-1 , RV-50-LID-17-1, APVAL36, APVAL42, APVAL48, APVAL54, APVAL60, 448-VC20SC-8, 448-VC25SC-8, JAVADYEGL, JAVADYEQT, JAVASTAINCAN

Removed Red Oak, Rustic Red Oak, Rift Red Oak

Added White Oak & Rift White Oak

New door style Plateau

Add new products

Added Frost, Brown Sepia

Java stain removed

Changed picture and wording for the walk thru pantry

Add new spec 2024 Koch Classic ver 1 small RED.pdf

Update prices

Added new projects:

Techniques - Distressing and Sanding Effects

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