Kemper Echo Cabinetry

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.36 • May 2, 2022


Linked to catalog, but it just takes you to the front page of that particular section. INVALID – The specification opens the first page of each section. To find the desired product in the PDF, use the "Search".

Faye Cherry, Faye Maple, Faye Painted - In ProKitchen, not showing as full overlay but listed as full overlay in spec book. CORRECTED

MD15, MD15.TOP, MD15.BTM - Modification for mullion doors is listed as "MD15-G", "MD15.TOP-G", "MD15.BTM-G" in ProKitchen. INVALID - The letter G at the end of the SKU corresponds to the table in Kemper Echo_2022_12.17.21.pdf (p.36). “G” speaks about the graphics of this modification - 2 x 2 Lites. The report displays only MD15 (or MD15.TOP, MD15.BTM) without “-G”.

CMAT1 - "CABMAT30", "CABMAT33", "CABMAT36" listed under "Cabmat" modification section in ProKitchen. INVALID – The problem was not found. There are no "Cabmat" modifications in Modifications in ProKitchen. It was not told in the last update to delete all "Cabmat" from Products.

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