Version 10.4.18    |    November 20, 2020


Added new finish – Sand for Shaker Door Style.

Added new Price Category - Shaker Sand.

Discontinued products (TEP2496, W3315 (LL, LV), W2442 (SE), BW2442(BG, BW, BS, LL, LV, NW), BW3042 (LL, LV), BW3642 (LL, LV), SB48 (LL, LV), BB36 (LL, LV), DDB18 (LL, LV), DVSB60 (TW, TE), OLF384 (BG, BW, BS, LL, LV, NW), OLF390 (BG, BW, BS, LL, LV), OLF396 (BG, BW, BS, LL, LV, NW), VFURN43 (SE, BG, BW, BS, LL, LV, NW), VRP42 (BG, BW).

Added new 2019-Spec-Guidev5 (1) (4).pdf.

Updated prices for Products according to Active Item List Oct.2020.xlsx.

Added new products.

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