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CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.11 • JULY 16, 2021

Recently Added Door Styles and Finishes:

Recently Added:


Renamed Doors - Dover Norwich was Norwich Slab, Essex Norwich was Norwich Recessed, Amesbury Slab was Amesbury, Amesbury White Slab was Amesbury White, Upton Slab was Upton

Updated Images and Graphics for Doors and Finishes: Upton Brown Slab, Upton Brown Recessed, Amesbury White Slab, Amesbury White Recessed, Amesbury Mist Slab, Amesbury Mist Recessed, Amesbury Espresso Slab, Amesbury Espresso Recessed, Amesbury Brown Slab, Amesbury Brown Recessed

Updated Prices

Added New JSI_Spec_Book.pdf

Added New Logo

Changed Report Lines – Designer and Premier

Removed the AV, CWTB, IF, RTK from the Design Only Modifications

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