HomeCrest Cabinetry

Version 10.4.3    |    April 22, 2020
Changes made to HomeCrest Cabinetry Catalog in ProKitchen Software -

1. Deleted Thermofoil species from Global Options

2. Deleted Door Style: Cara Thermofoil, Harbour Court Arch, Harbour Court Sq, Warner Cherry, Warner Maple, Westlake Cherry, Westlake Maple, Sedona Thermofoil, Bexley Cherry, Bayport Cherry, Lawry Cherry, Tennyson Cherry, Brenner, Heartland, Heritage, Hershing, Jordan, and Laurel in all wood Species

3. Added door Style: Bishop Oak, Darwyn Hickory, Darwyn Oak, Fyfer Hickory, Joplin Oak, Kenosha Cherry, Kenosha Hickory, Waldron Cherry, Waldron Hickory, Waldron Oak

4. Added new finishes: Trellis cherry, Trellis maple, Trellis hickory, Trellis oak, Trellis rustic hickory; Iceberg Opaque Maple.

5. Discontinue Sand Dollar, Toffee, Cinnamon, Honey, Chestnut, Husk Glaze and Rye Glaze finishes

6. Updated prices for products according to Homecrest 2020 pricing

7. Added 5pc (DFF5PC) drawer front option to Bishop door style

8. Added new products

9. Deleted products SU3032.5,SU3332.5,SU3632.5,BMWSD3032.5,2SBARLEG,4SBARLEG,JCORBELARTO,FA24,FA27,FA30,FA33,FA36,FA42,FA48,ALF12-21,ALF30,ALF36,STWEC1248L,STWEC1248R,STWEC1251L,STWEC1251R,STWEC1254L,STWEC1254R,STWEC1257L,STWEC1257R,STWEC1260L,STWEC1260R,VBB57/60,VBB57/60BH,WR630CH,DS2,DS4

10. Changed Skus: DHBD12...to 3DHBD12...

11. Deleted mods: ALF according to Modification Pricing April 2020


13. Updated prices for modifications according to Modification Pricing April 2020

14. Added Accessories Project

15. Added Door Overlay Options according PDF and ProKitchen-March 2020 Change Summary for Homecrest

16. Corrected corrections for Utility cabs (which were once made according to Bug 30337)

17. New Report (added Door Overlay)

18. For new sku prices for old doors (Brenner, Heartland, Heritage, Hershing, Jordan, and Laurel) are made "-1" according to desc

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