Heritage Cabinets

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.16 • January 11, 2021

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Updated Name: Heritage13&SEL13 to Heritage Cabinets

Added New Door Style - Madison White

Added New Finish - Madison White

Added Chocolate Glaze for Madison White

Added New sPDF

Updated LOGO

Added Glossiness

Corrected Door and Drawer Edges for Summit White


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Renamed DB_ to 3DB__, V_2134.6 to VSB_, VSB__BH to VAN_, VD_SS to VSSD_

Deleted - VSB54BHL, VSB54BHR

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Updated Costs and Retail Prices

Updated Prices for Modifications WDC_GD

Updated Prices Cost and Retail for Modifications

Updated Images for B48, BMC_

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