FR – Simplicity Face Frame

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.1 • January 10, 2021

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Added New Door Styles: Alexandria, Broadway, Brookside, Brookville, Carmel, Charleston, Edison, Fairway, Homestead, Johnston, Lansing, Latimer, Lawford, Layton, Malibu, Meridian, Milford, Pawnee, Ridgewood, Roxbury, Seville, Shaker, Westpoint, Windemere, Ashmore, Bradford, Briarwood, Bridgeport, Camila, Catalina, Chateau, Cottage, Cranston, Emerson, Huntington, Kingston, Lancaster, Lindsborg, Manhattan, Meredith, Pembrooke, Presidential, Sheridan, Somerset, Winchester, Cranbrooke-MDF, Layton-MDF, Bandit, Frontier, Pioneer, Prairie, Settler, Fairfield-MDF, Heartland-MDF

Added New Wood Species - Rustic Cherry, Rift White Oak, Rough Hewn Quartered White Oak

Deleted Door Styles - Fairfield 1, Heartland 1

Added New Finishes – Bailey Rustic Cherry, Bailey Rift White Oak, Baltic Beech, Baltic Cherry, Baltic Hickory, Baltic Knotty Alder, Baltic Oak, Baltic Quarter Sawn White Oak, Baltic Rustic Beech, Baltic Rustic Cherry, Baltic Rustic Hickory, Baltic Walnut, Basalt Rustic Cherry, Basalt Rift White Oak, Bourbon Rustic Cherry, Bourbon Rift White Oak, Carbon Beech, Carbon Cherry, Carbon Hickory, Carbon Knotty Alder, Carbon Oak, Carbon Quarter Sawn White Oak, Carbon Rift White Oak, Carbon Rustic Beech, Carbon Rustic Cherry, Carbon Rustic Hickory, Carbon Walnut, Guinness Rift White Oak, Guinness Rustic Cherry, Hennessy Rustic Cherry, Kahlua Beech, Kahlua Cherry, Kahlua Hickory, Kahlua Knotty Alder, Kahlua Oak, Kahlua Quarter Sawn Sapele, Kahlua Quarter Sawn White Oak, Kahlua Rift White Oak, Kahlua Rustic Beech, Kahlua Rustic Cherry, Kahlua Rustic Hickory, Kahlua Walnut, Marjoram Rustic Cherry, Natural – Flat Rustic Cherry, Natural – Satin Rift White Oak, Natural - Satin Rustic Cherry, Peppercorn Knotty Alder, Sesame Seed Rustic Cherry, Shiraz Beech, Shiraz Cherry, Shiraz Knotty Alder, Shiraz Maple, Shiraz Quarter Sawn Sapele, Shiraz Rustic Beech, Shiraz Rustic Cherry, Bayleaf Paint Grade Maple, Butterscotch Paint Grade Maple, Cornflower Paint Grade Maple, Night Sky Paint Grade Maple, Peacock Paint Grade Maple, Pewter Paint Grade Maple, Slate Paint Grade Maple, Truffle Paint Grade Maple, Willow Paint Grade Maple, Donatello Paint Grade Maple, Beryl Knotty Alder, Cascade Beech, Cascade Hickory, Cascade Rustic Beech, Cascade Rustic Hickory, Forest Beech, Forest Hickory, Forest Quarter Sawn White Oak, Forest Rustic Beech, Forest Rustic Hickory, Jasper Knotty Alder, Lapis Knotty Alder, Morel Beech, Morel Hickory, Morel Rustic Beech, Morel Rustic Hickory, Tundra Beech, Tundra Hickory, Tundra Rustic Beech, Tundra Rustic Hickory, Bailey-SM Walnut, Basalt-SM Walnut, Bourbon-SM Quarter Sawn Sapele, Bourbon-SM Rift White Oak, Bourbon-SM Walnut, Carbon-SM Walnut, Eclipse-SM Paint Grade Maple, Icing-SM Paint Grade Maple, Kahlua-SM Quarter Sawn Sapele, Kahlua-SM Rift White Oak, Marjoram-SM Rift White Oak, Natural-SM Quarter Sawn Sapele, Night Sky-SM Paint Grade Maple, Pebble-SM Paint Grade Maple, Raven-SM Paint Grade Maple, Barnwood Rough Hewn Quartered White Oak, Buck Board Rough Hewn Quartered White Oak, Log Cabin Rough Hewn Quartered White Oak

Added New Finish Category - Fan Deck Solid Colors

Deleted Finishes - Sea Salt, Midnight, Dreyer Spice, Poppy Seed, Waterfall

Deleted Maple Melamine Interior (MMINT) from Cabinet Construction

Changed Size for Images of Finishes

Deleted Wood Species - Alder

Deleted Price Category - Price Alder, Price Rustic Maple, Price Rustic Oak, Price Rustic Walnut

Deleted Drawer Box Construction - Signature Walnut Drawer (DWRSSWAL)

Added New Drawer Box Construction - Maple Drawer (DWRMAP), Walnut Drawer (DWRWAL)

Added New Price Categories - Price Rift White Oak, Price RHQSWO, Rustic Cherry. 15. Added new Door Overlay - Inset Door with 1" Thick Frame and Beveled Interior Profile, Inset Door with 1" Thick Frame and Ogee Interior Profile, Inset Reveal Tight

Added Graphics to Accent Glaze

Added New Global Option - Super Matte

Added New Global Option - Fan Deck Match Fee

Added Double Panels on Door Styles

Renamed Catalog to FR – Simplicity Face Frame

Added New Modifications

Updated Graphics for All Finishes

Updated Prices

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