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CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.3 • August 5, 2022

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Added New Wood Species Laminate, White Oak

Added Paint Grade Colors: Naval, Anchors Aweigh, White Flour, Gray Matters

Changed Finish Option: HDF Finish Options to Paint Grade

Removed Traditional Finish Colors: Autumn, Bronze, Sandalwood, Scarlet

Added Traditional Finish Colors: Storm, Graystone, French Roast, Weathered Cedar, Copper

Removed Full Body Glaze: Auburn Midnight, Cinnamon Midnight, Double Chocolate, Espresso, Ginger Chestnut, Ginger Midnight, Natural Chestnut, Natural Midnight, Natural Umber, Pearl Midnight, Pearl Walnut, Pearl Umber, Plum Midnight, Scarlet Midnight, Toffee Midnight

Added Full Body Glazed: Light Midnight, Silver Midnight, Silver Umber, White Glaze, Light Umber, Amber Midnight, Light Chestnut, Crimson Midnight

Removed Glazed Accent: Red Midnight, Red Umber, Sage Chestnut, Sage Midnight.

Added Textured Laminates: Scandinavian, Looks Likatre, Oxford White, Opto Printatre, Trytoo Savatre, Aimtoo Savatre, Black Timberline, Exquisite Elm, Absolute Acajou, Wedding Cake, S’mores, Kona Blend, Cookies & Cream

Removed Door Styles: Royal (Slab Door), Mission 2, Heritage, Hampton, Denali (Raised Panel Door Styles), Bradford, Cathedral 2, McKinley, Santa Fe 2 (Recessed Panel Door Styles), Oslo, Stockholm (Slab Doors with Rails)

Added New Option: Construction

Removed Products: CMC14, Decorative Turned posts, Concord Turned Post, Spiral Turned Posts, Wall Angle 22.5 Degree

Added Crown Moldings: CMC10, CMBV14

Corrected Drawer Hardware Option

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