Fabuwood Quest

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.32 • May 3, 2022


Removed Products - CD-XL, UT-15/24, VDO

Removed Modifications - CD-XL, SHELF-12, UT-15/24, VDO

Сhanged DSFL36 to Factory to DSFL36-Q, SKU to DSFL36-QR, DSFL36-QL

Updated Prices for Products

Updated Prices for Modifications

Increase Base Price Changed from 100 to 110 (increase base from 286 to 314.6 (2.86 x 110))

MATCH-INTERIOR Base Price Changed from 62 to 67 (base price has been changed in the modification itself, the calculation will be carried out with the new base price 67)

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