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CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.13 • June 6, 2022


Added NEW Spec. Book

Updated Prices for Products and Modifications

Added New Products and Modifications

Removed Products and Modifications

Changed Images - Aluminum Frame Glass Door Styles: AF001, AF002, AF003, AF004, AF005, AF006, AF007, AF008, AF010

Deleted Options: Door Type / Wood: Bellini A Thermofoil, Bellini B Thermofoil, Vogue Veneer; Door Style: Bellini A Classic Shaker, Bellini A Designer, Bellini A Mojave, Bellini A Sahara, Bellini A Shaker 3”, Bellini A Slab MDF, Bellini A Springfield, Bellini B Classic Shaker, Bellini B Designer, Bellini B Mojave, Bellini B Sahara, Bellini B Shaker 3”, Bellini B Slab MDF, Bellini B Springfield, Vogue Special Rounded Rail, Vogue Special Rounded Stile, Vogue Special Square Edge, Vogue Standard Rounded Rail, Vogue Standard Rounded Stile, Vogue Standard Square Edge; Finish Type: Thermofoil, Vogue Veneer Color, Amazon Ebony, Antique, Bamboo Caramelized Narrow Edge Grain, Bamboo Caramelized Wide Flat Grain, Birdseye Maple, Blanco White Gloss, Brushed Aluminum Foil, Cabinet Maple, Concrete, Congo Ebony, Driftwood 3, English Oak, Grey Obechie, Historic Walnut, Java Mahogany, Licorice, Oak Alabaster, Folkstone (under Thermofoil), Palomino, Pewter Pine, Portuna 1, Portuna 2, Shark Gray, SMAT Black, SMAT Charcoal, SMAT Mysterious, SMAT White, SMAT Willow Grey, Persimmon, Wenge, Zebrawood, White, White Chocolate, Smooth White Foil

Changed Name - Matching Veneer Edgebanding (Std=PVC) to Matching Edge Banding (Veneer/Paintable PVC)

Deleted Option - Matching Wood Veneer Edgebanding, Vogue Veneer Matching Door Backs and Thermofoil Matching Door Backs

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