CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.15 • JULY 29, 2021

Recently Added Finish:

Recently Added:


Added Images for Global Options: Glazes, Brushed Glaze, Vintage & Heirloom

Changed Price Categories Names

Added New Designer Hoods

Added New X-Panels

WR36 Replaced by BR48

Removed “SDT” from the nomenclature of any 2 drawer bases.

Removed any standard dishwasher returns, REPs, and WRPs.

Added matching finished interior and exterior to any item with -AW or -MVE in the nomenclature.

Updated nomenclature for Deluxe Shelf Kits.

Updated Stemware Rack Image

Columns have a max height of 96” and a minimum width of 3”.

Added new models for Island X Columns and multiplied by left and right.

Added a MBC33

Added a second option for countertop edges.

Added New Modifications - Designer Hoods Optional Removable Panels

Added Modifications (INSTALL, ADD-ROT, CSD_AP, ACC-_____, PENINSULA, 8SMDD, 10SMDD)

The “invert frame” option for bases is only available on base cabinets with single drawers.

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