Dura Supreme Crestwood

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.21 • JULY 14, 2021

Recently Added Door Styles:

Recently Added Finishes:


Renamed Quarter-Sawn Red Oak to Quarter-Sawn White Oak

Made upcharge for Quarter-sawn White Oak – 15%

Added Finish Cashew to Hickory, Rustic Hickory

Updated images and graphics for Finishes – Butternut Red Oak, Cashew Red Oak, Clove Red Oak, Hazelnut Red Oak, Mission Red Oak, Pebble Red Oak, Praline Red Oak, Toast Red Oak

Added Sherwin Williams Program

Multiplied Custom Paint/ Glaze on Custom Paint Espresso Glaze, Custom Paint Platinum Glaze, Custom Paint Sable Glaze, Custom Paint Shadow Glaze; Custom Paint/Accent on Custom Paint Stone Accent, Custom Paint Pewter Accent; Custom Stain/Glaze on Custom Stain Charcoal Glaze, Custom Stain Coffee Glaze, Custom Stain Shadow Glaze; Custom Stain/Accent renamed to Custom Stain Black Accent

Renamed Unfinished – Primer to Unfinished

The graphics Unfinished and Primed Swapped

Renamed “Plywood Case Construction” to “Case Construction” in Global Options and added variants – “Furniture Board Case” and “Plywood Case” (15%upcharge)

Corrected Rub-Thru for Wood Species and Door Styles

Added Interior & Exterior

Added Graphics for Drawer Box - Hardwood Dovetailed and Premium Sanded Maple

Added Products – DBPXL, DBPSXL, DBPXLNS, DBPSXLNS Panels Over 96" Wide to 120" Wide with 6 Inserts

Updated Prices for Products - DAP1/4, DAP1/2, DAP3/4

Added Modification – PTDWR

Added Spec Book “CW_Update_2021_06_01.pdf”.

Corrected Descriptions for SMP2-10P, SMP4-10P, SMP6-10P, SMPF2-10P, SMPF4-10P, SMPF6-10P, MP2-10P, MP4-10P, MP6-10P - Available in Maple, Cherry and Paintable; CBP3/4 - (Not Available in Rustic Hickory); DCM10, LBCVE10, MCRM10, FLXCRM10, XLCRM10, SMCRM10 , LCRM10, XSCRM10 - Available on P; OC2D__ and OCD__over 96” high - Not Available in Rustic Hickory and over 108” high - Not Available in Rustic Hickory and Only Available with All-Plywood Construction, SBPOC - Will Not Fit in SBD, SBRD or SBWA, SBDR- Will Not Fit in DCSB42-2 or SBWA

Corrected Height of Upper Doors and Height of Cut-Outs for Oven Cabinets w/Drawer Below OCD__

Corrected Sizes for TSDWR, SBFM, TB3, SBPOC

Updated Max Height on All DBP, DBPS, DBPNS and DBPSNS to 48” high

Corrected Sizes for WB3X4, WB4X4, WB5X5, WB5X7, WB6X6, WB9X9, WB12X12

Multiplied Modification IH – IHW-Max Height 72”. IHB-Max Height 48”, IHT-Max Height 120”

Corrected Price for Modifications INCD1 – Up-charge, LOCK

Made Postscript Next to the Decorative End Bracket - (Not Available in Quarter-Sawn White Oak)

Updated Images for INT250, INT390, DCK250

Updated Images for Modifications

Corrected Order Form - Output of Finishes Primed, Weathered Finishes into Line “Standard Finish”, Custom and Paint Color Program to Line “Custom Color”, Output of Optional Edge Profile to Line “Change Door Profile”

Deleted Painted Finishes for Quarter-Sawn White Oak

Discontinued on Red Oak only: Feather, Harbor, Heather, Morel, Poppy Seed, Sesame, Smoke

Deleted Finishes – Paint : Antique White, Cashmere, Latte, Moonstone; Paint Accent : Latte Brown Accent, Classic White Pewter Accent, Classic White Sienna Accent, White Sienna Accent, Cashmere Slate Accent, Pearl Slate Accent, Storm Gray Slate Accent, Zinc Slate Accent; Paint Glaze Finishes: Antique White Espresso Glaze, Cashmere Espresso Glaze, Classic White Platinum Glaze, Cashmere Shadow Glaze; Heritage Finishes: Heritage A – Cashew/Antique White with Coffee Glaze and Spatter, Heritage F – Praline/Latte with Shadow Glaze and Spatter; Standard Stain: Cocoa Brown, Peppercorn

Deleted Edge Profile Standard – 3, 12, 14, 16, 21, 23.

Deleted Products – EDRT, DWSZ, LSPRO-3P LSPRO-12P, MP2-3P, MP2-12P, MP4-3P, MP4-12P, MP6-3P, MP6-12P, SMP2-3P, SMP2-12P, SMP4-3P, SMP4-12P, SMP6-3P, SMP6-12P, SMPF2-3P, SMPF2-12P, SMPF4-3P, SMPF4-12P, SMPF6-3P, SMPF6-12P, FBM-3P, FBM-12P, FBM6-3P, FBM6-12P

Deleted Modifications – KEYSEP, DCHGS, RCHGS

Added Graphics for Accessories: Inside cabinet when choosing through attribute dialog.

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