Diamond Edge

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.4.0 • January 10, 2023

Recently Added


Updated Prices

Added New Spec PDF

Added New Option Hinges to the Global Option

Deleted Door Styles Montgomery, Vesta

Discontinue Boardwalk Stain and Boardwalk Stain with Penned Glaze on Walnut ONLY

User Code Changed, Sheen Level Changed

Added New Products: 21DEC068, 21DEC036 - Broom Clip, 21DEC060, 21DEC070, 21DEC027, 21DEC027, 21DEC026, 22DEC033

Added and DeletedSKU’s: 21DEC006, 21DEC028, 21DEC030, 21DEC053

21DEC063 Discontinue Roll Tray Bumpers

22DEC003 Delete all FOOTMETAL* SKU's

22DEC013 Discontinue Brown Wood JIT Models

22DEC020 Model Discontinuations

21DEC049 Peninsula Cabinet Depth Change

21DEC083 Jasper Ops to use Hettich Drawer Guides on Roll Tray Applications

22DEC025 Accessory Valance and Valance Rail Modification Changes and Deletions

22DEC001 Discontinue Metallic Bronze Fabric Glass Type

22DEC039 All Brands - Model Deletions for Common Box change (STRETCHERMAT and 1/2NAT2S)

22DEC042 Antique Brass Final Hinge Deletion

21DEC085 Change Decorative Glass from Tempered to Annealed Glass

20DEC021 Deep Drawer Box Height Change

21DEC023 Convert to 1 1/4" Full Overlay (FOL) Hinges

21DEC024 Shelf Configuration Changes for Base and Base Full Models

22DEC008 Apothecary Drawer and Wine Cube Model re-designs for Common Box

22DEC021 Sink Base with Drawer Below Updates

21DEC056 Remove fixed floors from BWB models

21DEC043 New Oven and Microwave Models (Trimmable and Narrow Stile) - Existing SKUs - Line Art changes

21DEC084 Inset Finial Hinge Design Change

22DEC031 Change Three Blackened Bronze Hardware Pieces

Added New Door Styles: Bryant, Bryant Inset, Bryant Beaded Inset Applied new projects

Applied New Project - ProKitchen Hardware and Jeffrey Alexander Elements

Applied New Project - Upgraded Graphics for Top Hinges

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