Diamond Distinction – West

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.0 • March 13, 2023

Rustic Alder Coffee

Oak Sahara

Maple Thatch

Cherry Boardwalk

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Added New Project: Advanced Graphics Technology - Size 512x512 pixels for textures finishes.

Added New Spec PDF

Added New Door Styles: Boynton Maple Square, Camilla Cherry Square, Camilla Maple Square, Livingston Maple Square, Murphy Cherry Square, Murphy Maple Square, Murphy Oak Square, Murphy Rustic Alder Square, Murphy Rustic Hickory Square, Paterson Cherry Square, Paterson Maple Square, Paterson Oak Square, Paterson Rustic Alder Square, Paterson Rustic Hickory Square, Rayne Cherry Square, Rayne Maple Square, Rayne Oak Square, Rayne Rustic Alder Square, Rayne

Added New Price Categories: Boynton Maple, Camilla Cherry, Camilla Maple, Livingston Maple, Murphy Cherry, Murphy Maple, Murphy Oak, Murphy Rustic Alder, Murphy Rustic Hickory, Paterson Cherry, Paterson Maple, Paterson Oak, Paterson Rustic Alder, Paterson Rustic Hickory, Rayne Cherry, Rayne Maple, Rayne Oak, Rayne Rustic Alder, Rayne Rustic Hickory

Deleted Wood Species - Alder

Deleted Door Styles - Carson Alder Square, Carson Rustic Alder Square, Carson Rustic Hickory Square, Hanlon Cherry Square, Hanlon Maple Square, Selena Alder Square, Selena Cherry Square, Selena Maple Square, Sullivan Cherry Square, Sullivan Maple Square, Crandall Alder Square, Crandall Cherry Square, Crandall Maple Square, Crandall Oak Square, Crandall Rustic Alder Square, Crandall Rustic Hickory Square, Breman Alder Square, Bryant Alder Square, Gunther Alder Square, Sumner Alder Square, Westburke Alder Square

Deleted Price Categories - Carson Alder, Carson Rustic Alder, Carson Rustic Hickory, Hanlon Cherry, Hanlon Maple, Selena Alder, Selena Cherry, Selena Maple, Sullivan Cherry, Sullivan Maple, Crandall Alder, Crandall Cherry, Crandall Maple, Crandall Oak, Crandall Rustic Alder, Crandall Rustic Hickory, Breman Alder, Bryant Alder, Gunther Alder, Sumner Alder, Westburke Alder

Deleted from Global Options "Drawer Front" - DFR5PC, DFR5PCSLBT

Deleted Finishes: Dover, Dover w/Amaretto Crème, Dover w/Grey Stone, Dover w/Toasted Almond, Dover w/Amaretto Creme Penned Glaze, Dover w/Grey Stone Penned Glaze, Dover w/Toasted Almond Penned Glaze, Antler w/Dover Cabinet Box, Squall w/Dover Cabinet Box, Wharf w/Dover Cabinet Box, Arctic w/Dover Cabinet Box, Havana, Squall w/Cloud Cabinet Box, Squall w/Coconut Cabinet Box, Squall w/Icy Avalanche Cabinet Box, Squall w/White Cabinet Box

Corrected Matching Laminate Ends for Black and Obsidian w/Black Maple Cabinet Box in Standard Construction

Added ProKitchen Hardware

Updated Graphics to Black for Hardware - KNOBH136, PULLH130, PULLH132

Changed Door Rail Width to 2-1/4" for Door Styles - Bluffton_, Hebron_, Farrah_, Gradon_

Updated Prices for Products

Added New Products

Added Modification DRWWRM

Added Modifications RD_-RT for Reduce Depth Roll Tray Kits

Corrected Height for Prod - TB8LAM12, TB8P14, TB8WD14

Updated Images and Graphics for Products - WSP_

Added Availability Mod CG.TOP to products - OSB_N, OCS_DDN, OCD_N, OCD_DDN, OMC_N, OMC_DDN, TBMWB_N

Deleted Products

Deleted Modifications - LTI.BS, LTI.BSB, LTI.BSL, LTI.BSR

Added Prices for Modifications to New Price Categories

Corrected Report - Deleted Raised(DFR5PC), Raised Slab Top(DFR5PCSLBT) from Drawer Front

Corrected Sizes for RT_ET, DRT_, DRT_ET

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