Diamond Distinction – East


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Added New Diamond-East_2021_20-20_01.26.21.pdf

Changed User Codes WHIGL-WHITE-LAM on WHIHG-WHITE-LAM – new description White Gloss/White Edge and WHIGM-WHITE-LAM on WHIMT-WHITE-LAM - New Description White Gloss/Metallic Edge

Updated Prices on Finishes

Deleted Finish Kodiak

Deleted Doors Anden Maple Square,Laureldale Cherry Square,Laureldale Maple Square, Rothshire Cherry Square, Rothshire Maple Square, Trystan MDF Square Replace on Loren MDF Square, Montgomery Alder Square, Montgomery Alder Rustic Square, Montgomery Cherry Square, Montgomery Maple Square, Montgomery MDF Square, Montgomery Rustic Hickory Square, Evans Cherry Square, Evans Maple Square, Evans Oak Square, Evans Rustic Hickory Square, Perkins Cherry Square, Perkins Maple Square, Perkins Oak Square

Deleted Products

Removed Any (Specialty Door + Textured Glass) Options from this SKU: HM3012, MW2436, W1212L, W1212R, W2412, W241224, W4212, W421224, W4512, W451224, W4812, W481224

Deleted VWTB24 and Added VWC2730 Replacing VWTB24

Deleted Products: VS3D603221, VS3D603421, VSD603221FP, VSD603421FP, VSD603221, VSD603421, VS3D603221

Changed SKU Nomenclature: VS3D543221 on VSDS543221; VSD543221 on VSDS543221FH; VS3D543421 on VSDS543421; VSD543421 on VSDS543421FH, VSD543221FP on VSDS543221FP, VSD543421FP on VSDS543421FP

Added New Modifications DFF5PCNRST, DFF5PCNR, AUTHB

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