Decor Cabinets

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.17 • September 15, 2022


Discontinued Wood Species – Acrylic, Melamine.

Discontinued Finish – Cassis, Dark Chocolate, Esterel, Mistral, Nizza, Snowfall, Spring Blossom, Summer Breeze , Black Euromatt, Pure White Eurogloss, Pure White Euromatt

Removed Acrylic Doors (Door Style LP111) and Melamine Doors (Door Style - LP111, LP111H, LP113, LP115) from Wall Door Style and Base Door Style Global Options

Deleted from Global Options "Stile" and "Rail" - LP111, LP111H, LP113, LP115

Deleted from Global Options Drawer Front - Removed from Report: 3-piece, 5-piece / 3-piece, 5-piece/Plain Horizontal Grain, Plain Horizontal Grain, Plain Vertical Grain

Removed Price Categorie - Acrylic, Melamin 3/4 LP115, Melamine 3/4

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