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CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.5 • September 14, 2023

Recently Added Finishes/Door Styles

Recently Added


Added new Door Styles: Wake Hill (Keyline and Encore), Wake Hill MDF (Keyline and Encore), Vernon

Moved Finishes Baltic Blue, Parlor Green, Smoky Green from category Crystal Color Concepts to category Paint Colors

Recently Added Finishes/Door StylesAdded new Finishes under Crystal Color Concepts - Blue Frost, Cloud Grey, Forest Green, Green Mist, Juniper, North Shore, Taconite, Black (Vernon Door), Bright White, Flint Grey, London Fog, Rainstorm, Slate Grey

Recently Added Finishes/Door StylesDeleted Finishes – Fawn, Toffee, Breezewood on maple, Dark Forest, Faded Coral, Pale Topaz, Stillwater

Recently Added Finishes/Door StylesAdded New Products: BWRP18, BWRP21, BWRP18WAL, BWRP21WAL, BWRPD18, BWRPD21, BWRPD24-1, BWRPD18WAL, BWRPD21WAL, BWRPD24-1WAL, DI BWRP18, DI BWRP21, DI BWRPD18, DI BWRPD21, DI BWRPD24-1, DI BWRP18WAL, DI BWRP21WAL, DI BWRPD18WAL, DI BWRPD21WAL, DI BWRPD24-1WAL, PAC369612, PAC399612, PAC429612, PACP369612, PACP399612, PACP429612, PAC3610812, PAC3910812, PAC4210812, PACP3610812, PACP3910812, PACP4210812, TVHSDLX12, TVORGPO12, POLH18, POLH21, TPOLH18, TPOLH21, DOCKDWRC

Recently Added Finishes/Door StylesRemoved Flush Toe Kick and changed images for Component Furniture Bookcases and Component Furniture Bookcases W/Doors

Deleted Door Styles – Midland, Waverly, Acadia, Verona

Added alternative profiles for Door Styles – Bayfield (OC, OH, OV), Dalton (OC, OH, OV), Countryside (O3, OH, OV), Daytona (OC, OH, OV), Delano (OC, OH, OV), Lexington (OC, OH, OV), Hastings (OC, OH, OV), Meadowland (OC, OH, OV), Modesto (OC, OH, OV), Stirling (OC, OH, OV), Shoreview (O3, OH, OV)

Added new products to Current and Frameless Current: VOCD30, VOCD36, VOCDD48, VOCDD60, VOCDD72, VOCDWR48, VOCDWR60, VOCDWR72, VOCD30ST, VOCD36ST, VOCDD48ST, VOCDD60ST, VOCDD72ST, VOCDWR48ST, VOCDWR60ST, VOCDWR72ST

Added new modification to Encore – MRUD (Move Reveal Up or Down), 4MMBTM

Updated prices on Products - Component Furniture Bookcases (CFB______), Component Furniture Bookcases W/Doors (CFBD______)

Added Products to Encore - Vanity Linen Cabinets w/ Shelves (VLCS), Refrigerator Cabinets (W____RC__)

Signature Paints not available without a highlight. – Deleted Finish Type – Signature - Signature No Glaze Paint

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