Canyon Creek Cabinetry

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.24 • September 19, 2022


1. Discontinued Bamboo / Carbonized Bamboo Wood Species for Corsica, Dover, Nova, Solano

Discontinued Hana, Lanai Door Styles (Bamboo/Carbonized Bamboo Wood Species)

Discontinued Avalon, Coronado, Strata Door Styles (Exotic Wood Veneer Species with All Finishes)

Discontinued Glacier Bay, Glacier Bay Roman, Lancaster, Silhouette, Tuscany, Winterset, Winterset Roman Door Styles (Thermofoil with White / Creme Finish)

Discontinued Towson Door Style (Greenlam Program with Aall Finishes)

Discontinued Fossil Grey Color for Palermo and Siena Door Styles

Discontinued Products

Added New Products and Modifications

Increased Upcharge for Ebony, Espresso, Sea Drift Stains to 10%

Increased Upcharge for Beech Wood Species to 12% (except Alpine Cornestone)

Increased Upcharge for Rustic Beech Wood Species to 19%

Added New Spec Books MIL22A.pdf, COR22A.pdf

Standard Exterior is Unfinished

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