Candlelight Cabinetry

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.4 • April 1, 2024

Recently Added


Added new Door Styles: Alexandreia, Alexandreia Prep For Insert (PFI), Park Avenue-MDF, Tripoli, Veria, Veria Prep For Insert (PFI)

Added Farro and Ivy finishes

Added "Wide Drawer" global option

Added SLB-08 molding

Added FLSC21, FLSC24, FLSC27

Added FX_ hoods

Added HB_ hoods

Added BFHUC15

Renamed Door Styles: Bristol 1pc to Bristol 2pc, Greenwich 1pc to Greenwich 2pc, Boulevard 1pc to Boulevard 2pc

Renamed Stock Molding Box to Molding Box

Renamed Sample Door Non-Stock folder to Sample Door Front, Sample Base Front-Option 6 to Sample Base Front, Sample Wall Front-Option 6 to Sample Wall Front, Sample Door-Option 4 to Sample Door

Updated price of HMS_ hoods

Corrected opening height of Refrigerator Cabinets -10 moldings to Custom Moldings folder

Changed Door Style categories to Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Slab

Deleted partition graphic for Vanity Combo Reverse Cabinets

Deleted Mericana, Jefferson, Avenue, Avenue 1pc, Stockholm, Looking Glass Door Styles

Deleted Merlot, Kona, Red Delicious, Tranquil Taupe, Palomino, Fiesta finishes and their variations

Deleted Electric Charging Station, Finished Top, SDC modifications

Discontinued Sliding Door Base Cabinets, Under Cabinet Shelfs, Base Corner Posts, Peninsula Base Corner Post, Tall Corner Posts, Wall Corner Posts, Keyboard Drawers, Sample Door in Stock, Lazy Susan Sample, Outlet/Switch Plate Sample Board, Molding Motifs, Cherry Log Display, Walnut Log Display, Wood Specie Sign, Lead Time Sign, Mitered Door Joint Sample, Marketing Folder, Presentation Folder, Coffee Cups/Lids(1000/case), Travel Mugs, Window Decal, Tree Card Album, Tree Planting Sign(8"x10"), Candlelight Brochure Stand, Custom Color Paint Pamphlets(100), Custom Color Paint Stand, ESP/KCMA Pamphlets(50), Quarter Sawn Brochure (25), Discover The Dif Pmphlts(100), Discover The Difference Stand, Molding Pamphlets(50), Green Initiatives Brochure (25), Sig Drwr/Compare Clight(50), Vanity Literature(50), Sample Drawer Front-Option 5

Discontinued BTM-10, SLBM-10, ACM-10, BM-10, SL4.75-08, SL4.75-10, SL6-08, SL6-10, OCM-03, OCM-10, DC-08, DC-10, CMC-08, 1299-08, 1299-10, 1797-08, 1797-10, 4195-08, 4195-10, MLD-BT3-08, ZCL-08, ZCL-10, 2293-08, 2310-08, 9993-08, 9993-10, LBC-08, LBM-08, CLR-08, CLR-10, 390A-08, 390A-10, 538-08, 538-10, 3951-08, 3951-10, 351-08, 351-10, 444-08, 444-10, 2997-08, 2997-10, 3495-08, 3495-10, 3497-08, 3497-10, 3698-08, 3698-10, 5597-08, 5597-10, Wcc-08, Wcc-10, Cw0336, Cw0396 moldings

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