Cabico Unique Framed

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.0 • August 1, 2022

Recently Added Door Styles:

Recently Added Finishes:


Added New Door Styles Door 8200, Door 8205, Door 8300, Door 8300

Added New Finishes Baltic Shore, Svelte, Smitten, Willow

Added New Products and Modifications

Changed Prices on Products and Modifications

Changed Availability of Door Styles and Wood Species

Changed Height to 36"H instead of 34 1/2" for DP01, DP02, DP03, DP04, DP05, DP06, DP07, DP08, DP10, DP11, DP14, DP16, DP17, DP19, DP25, DP28, DP29, DP33, DP44, DP45, DP46, DP48, DP49, DP50, DP51, DP52, DP53

Deleted WAW 33"H, WAW 36"H, WAW 39"H, WAW 42"H

Deleted DS26S9X9/L, DS26S6X9/L, DS26S12X12/L

Replaced by New Product, same SKU but Graphic Different LFSHELF-INSIDE, LFSHELF-OUTSIDE

Added MWW Modification for WCC Cabinets

Added Seamless Finishes

Added Accessory Project

Added New Spec Book Unique Spectrum - Spring 2022

Added New Finishes Snow, Pearl Bliss, Soothing Sand, Steel Reflection, Restful Dusk, Meditation Stone, Gentle Evergreen, Earthy Green, and Peaceful Forest

Deleted Finishes Dijon, Cranberry, Citrus, Amaretto, Cognac, Mushroom, Harvest, Cinnamon, Pecan, Royal, Cordovan, Country, English, Old royal, Mandarin, Praline, Toffee, Muslin, Manor, Quartz, Pearl, Sapphire, Crème Brule.

Deleted Door Styles 135, 110, 150, 8040, 155, 980, 310, 750, 920, 335, 675, 705, 710, 210, 630, 760, 905, 930, 933, 940, 8070, 9905, 9945, 645, 985, 790, 950, 9950, 505, 9925, 9970

Deleted Products

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