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CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.1 • July 25, 2022

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Added New Essence Spectrum PDF

Added New Species - Rustic Alder for Stains Finishes

Added New Global Option Drawer Box Construction

Added New Finishes Midnight, Surrey, Calming Green, Cozy White, Hushed Grey, Serene Sage, Tranquil Twilight

Added New Logo

Adjusted Images on Global Option

Changed Upcharges for options Cabinet Style , Wood Species , Finish , Glaze , Drawer Style

Added Hinges to Option Hinges.

Adjusted Graphics of Doors and Drawers

Added Exterior - Unfinished Ends Standard

Added New Price Categories Basic -15% : Tonic; Basic -5% : Trio , Verisimo; Basic -5% Modena: Modena. Price categories are divided into Framless & Face Frame

Deleted Products and Modifications

Code Changed Products and Modifications

Changed Prices on Products and Modifications

Added New Products and Modifications

Correction Made - Lengths of cabinets, lengths and number of shelves, height adjustment of doors and drawers (LAYOUT_HIGHT_CORR) depending on the framed and frameless design for Cabinets Base, Wall, Tall, Vanity, revised and corrected graphics for modifications.

Added Seamless Finishes

Added Modifications Cabinet End Charges (per side) according to Quick Reference Charges–
Base Finished End - BFE-L ($64), BFE-R ($64), BFE-LR($128) Wall Finished End - WFE-L ($47), WFE-R ($47), WFE-LR ($94) Vanity Finished End - VFE-L ($64), VFE-R ($64), VFE-LR($128) Tall Finished End - TFE-L ($79), TFE-R ($79), TFE-LR ($158)

Modification available on frameless :
- MB20/U, MT20/U, MV20/U, OP92/INT01, MB13 (20%), MW48(3%), MT48(3%);
- MB15, MT15, MV15 (L or R) – 10%;
- MB15 –B, MT15 –B, MV15 –B – 20%.
Products available on frameless: OP03/DWM , DM/SHA90TL , DM/SHA91TL , DM/SHA92TL, DD08TL(TONIC), DD08TL(TRIO), DD08TL(SLAB VERISIMO), DD08TL(5P VERISIMO), DA26TL, DA27TL, DA28TL, EP02V2130/1.5L-M, EP02V2130/1.5R-M, EP02V2130/3L-M, EP02V2130/3R-M, EP02V2130/5/8-M, EP02V2130/6L-M, EP02V2130/6R-M, EP02V2434/1.5L-M, EP02V2434/1.5R-M, EP02V2434/3L-M, EP02V2434/3R-M, EP02V2434/5/8-M, EP02V2434/6L-M, EP02V2434/6R-M, EP02V2484/1.5L-M, EP02V2484/1.5R-M, EP02V2484/3L-M, EP02V2484/3R-M, EP02V2484/5/8-M, EP02V2484/6L-M, EP04V2130/3-M, EP04V2130/6-M, EP04V2434/3-M, EP04V2434/6-M, EP04V2484/3-M, EP04V2484/6-M

Modification available on Face Frame:
- MW13(30%), MB13 (30%), MW48(0%), MT48(0%);
- MB15, MT15, MV15 (L or R) – 5%;
- MB15 –B, MT15 –B, MV15 –B – 10%.
Products available on Face Frame: V1D72, EP02SP2130/1.5L-S,EP02SP2130/1.5R-S,EP02SP2130/3L-S,EP02SP2130/3R-S,EP02SP2130/5/8-S, EP02SP2130/6L-S,EP02SP2130/6R-S,EP02SP2434/1.5L-S,EP02SP2434/1.5R-S,EP02SP2434/3L-S, EP02SP2434/3R-S,EP02SP2434/5/8-S,EP02SP2434/6L-S,EP02SP2434/6R-S,EP02SP2484/1.5L-S, EP02SP2484/1.5R-S,EP02SP2484/3L-S,EP02SP2484/3R-S,EP02SP2484/5/8-S,EP02SP2484/6L-S, EP02SP2484/6R-S,EP02V2130/1.5L-S,EP02V2130/1.5R-S,EP02V2130/3L-S,EP02V2130/3R-S,EP02V2130/5/8-S, EP02V2130/6L-S,EP02V2130/6R-S,EP02V2434/1.5L-S,EP02V2434/1.5R-S,EP02V2434/3L-S,EP02V2434/3R-S, EP02V2434/5/8-S,EP02V2434/6L-S,EP02V2434/6R-S,EP02V2484/1.5L-S,EP02V2484/1.5R-S,EP02V2484/3L-S, EP02V2484/3R-S,EP02V2484/5/8-S,EP02V2484/6L-S,EP02V2484/6R-S,EP04SP2130/3-S,EP04SP2130/6-S, EP04SP2434/3-S,EP04SP2434/6-S,EP04SP2484/3-S,EP04SP2484/6-S,EP04V2130/3-S,EP04V2130/6-S, EP04V2434/3-S,EP04V2434/6-S,EP04V2484/3-S,EP04V2484/6-S,EP10SP2130/3L-S,EP10SP2130/3R-S, EP10SP2434/3L-S,EP10SP2434/3R-S,EP10SP2484/3L-S,EP10SP2484/3R-S.

Added different graphics for framed and frameless designs on cabinets – BET, WET, TET. The edge profile of the decorative panels will match the doors for frameless.

Ends are finished as a standard WA, WAS,WHA, WHAS, WTA, WTAS, WGHA,WGTA, WGT, WGH, WH , WT, BA, BSBA, BAJ, BAS, VTT, BRR (The narrow end will be finished)

Interior of cabinet is finished - WO , WG , WBO, WWO, WCOD, WCOF, WCOG, TO, TBOB, VTT , BWO, BO, BG, BCOG . WM – Interior is finished plywood

Products Not Available in Textured Faux Wood (door style – Tonic (Frameless Basic -15%), Trio, Verisimo (Frameless Basic -5%) - WWO, WGT , WGTA, WTA, WTAS, WT, WOOD HOOD (W15RH Range Hood), BWO, VMR

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