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CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 10.4.31 • July 19, 2022

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Case Type: All Plywood Premium Box, All Plywood Premium Box with ¾” Sides, Premium Box, Premium Box with ¾” Sides

Door Styles: Arcadia, Arlington, Aspen, Austin, Baroque, Bayside, Bayside 3, Brentwood 3, Centurion, Clairmont, Colony 3, Concord, Continental, Craftwood 3, Donovan, Elite, Geneva, Heritage, Lakeside, Lancaster, Madison, Malibu, Malibu 3, Manchester, Pantheon, Preston, Remington, Roslyn, Salem, Salem 3, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz 3, Savannah, Savoy, St James, St Thomas, Versailles, Victoria, Victoria 3, Witham, Woodbridge 3, Craftwood Inset, Embassy Inset, Quincy Inset, Remington Inset, Woodbridge Inset, Premier, Quantum, Regency, Renata

Wood Species: Ash, Eucalyptus, Mahogany, Pine, Red Birch, Rustic Birch, Rustic Cherry, Rustic Maple, Rustic Oak, 3D Laminate

Finishes: Chestnut, Ebony, Fawn, Rose, Sable, Slate, Morel, Eggshell 3D Laminate, Nordic 3D Laminate, Cocoa Heritage, Cognac Heritage, Parchment Heritage, Spice Heritage, Truffle Heritage, White Glaze, Antique Glaze Application(Glaze Application Option), Emulsion Finish Trait(Finish Traits Option)

Modifications: Level 1: 1-DIM-CHANGE, 2-DIM-CHANGE, 3-DIM-CHANGE, Level 2: 1-DIM-CHANGE, 2-DIM-CHANGE, 3-DIM-CHANGE,Each Additional: EA-ADDL-6

Added or Changed:
Case Type- All Plywood box changed to 10% upcharge

Added Door Styles: Ashton, Beckett, Clarkson, Dawson, Delaney, Emerson, Huntington, Hutton, Lexington 3, Monterey, Odessa, Sawyer, Sonoma, Winston, Fairview, Sherwood and others

Most full overlay door styles are now available in Inset overlay (called out in catalog as available or not). Both regular and beaded frames are available for a 15% job upcharge (user may choose)

Updated to 5-piece drawer fronts standard: Edgewood

Wood Species: Updated name of Oak to Red Oak, Removed “Specialty Woods” Section and moved Walnut and Select Alder to “Standard Woods” Section

Added Finishes:
Stain: Canyon, Chalet, Flagstone, Inkwell, Kodiak, Kona, Lodge, Mineral, Shoreline, Solid
Paint: Cloud, Dune, Grove, Harbor, Indigo, Sailcloth, Smoke, Spruce, Color Match Stain, Color Match Solid Color

Other: Removed credit for not selecting hardware (deleted price from None selection)

Added new Modifications:
• New reduce size dimension mods for no charge: DW, DH, DD
• New “Increase Dimensions”: IDIM: 35%
• New “Increase Depth 13”: INCD13: 5%

Corrected PDF

Added New Upper Door Insert Panel Option, Lower Door Insert Panel Option, Drawer Insert Panel Option

Corrected Order Form

Made Door & Drawer Front Profile

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